Passos Coelho comes to the Algarve to present candidates for Loulé and Aljezur…and visit the fair

Pedro Passos Coelho, president of the PSD, will be tomorrow, Saturday, 9 September, in the Algarve, to participate in the presentation of the […]

Pedro Passos Coelho, president of the PSD, will be in the Algarve tomorrow, Saturday, 9 September, to participate in the presentation of local candidates from Loulé and Aljezur, visit the Castro Marim fair and participate in a debate on decentralization, in Silves.

The program of the national leader of the oranges starts at 10:00 am, with a visit to the fair in Castro Marim, a municipality where the Social Democrat Francisco Amaral, who is re-candidate, is president of the Chamber. Interestingly, Amaral's main opponent is José Estevens, former president of that municipality elected by the PSD, but who, due to the fact that he was not accepted this time as a candidate of the Social Democrats, left the party and is now running for a so-called independent movement.

The meeting point will be at the café “Vila Raiana”, in Praça 1º de Maio (next to the Town Hall).

At 13:00, Passos Coelho will be at the other end of the region, in Rogil, municipality of Aljezur, where Hélder Cabrita will be presented as a candidate for the Municipal Council of this municipality of Costa Vicentina (PSD/CDS/MPT coalition), as well as the candidates to the other municipal bodies.

The session, which includes lunch, is scheduled for the headquarters of the Grupo Recreativo Folclórico Amador do Rogil. In Aljezur, the PSD was never in charge of the City Council.

At 16 pm, it will be the turn of a debate on decentralization, scheduled for the auditorium of the Municipal Library of Silves, county where he is re-applying for the Chamber Rogério Pinto, who lost it to current president Rosa Palma (CDU).

Closing the day, at 20:00, the president of the PSD will participate in the presentation dinner of candidates for the Municipal Council and Municipal Assembly of Loulé and also for the Parish Assembly of Boliqueime, which will take place at the restaurant “O Museu”, located in Vale Covo (Boliqueime).

In Loulé, the Social Democratic candidate for the Chamber is José Graça, who was already vice-president of the autarchy in the previous term, when it was governed by Seruca Emídio (now running for AM). The Chamber of what was once considered an “orange” council is currently headed by the socialist Vítor Aleixo.


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