National debut of French Clémence Faivre is Fatacil's great equestrian bet 2017

The debut in Portugal of French rider Clémence Faivre is one of the main bets of Fatacil 2017, which opens this […]

The debut in Portugal of French rider Clémence Faivre is one of the main bets of Fatacil 2017, which opens this Friday, the 18th, in Lagoa.

Clémence Faivre will give three shows, called «Gotan», with her Lusitanian horses, a breed she is passionate about and breeders, on the 23rd, 26th and 27th of August, offering visitors the presentation that has made it one of the references of international riding .

Attesting to the growing importance of the sector, the equestrian area at the fair in Lagoa will be inaugurated by Ismael Silva, president of the Brazilian Association of Pure Blood Lusitano, an entity that brings together the largest number of breeders of this Portuguese feed in the world.

But the Fatacil Equestre program, coordinated by Emídio Paias, also includes the presence of Francisco Cancella de Abreu, who will show the stages of training a horse, on the 21st and 22nd, as well as the show «PatrimóniUs», designed especially for this edition of the fair, on the 19th, 23rd, 26th and 27th.

Emídio Paias points out that the show, which will take place, like the others, at the Fatacil ring, "will bring together two heritages of humanity, fado and Alentejo cante, with our wealth, which is the Lusitanian horse". On the other hand, it is part of the theme of the municipality of Lagoa for 2017, in other words, «Heritage: Looking at the Present, Towards the Future».

Maria Paes do Amaral

Meanwhile, for August 21st, a presentation by Vilamoura Equestrian School is scheduled, while Maria Paes do Amaral will give a live equestrian lesson, on the 24th.

The equestrian poster is complete with the poule of obstacles, on the 20th, and the work riding tests, with a teaching test (24 August) and flexibility and speed (25).

On the 26th, there will also be a tribute to José Francisco Cruz e Crujo, «the late creator of the prestigious Ganadaria e Stud Farm Varela Crujo», who was «a constant presence in life in the bullfighting and equestrian activities of Fatacil».

But the big Estrela in this edition of Fatacil, in the horse sector, it will be Clémence Faivre, who was born in 1981 in the Gouvieux region, north of Paris. his first horse was offered to him by his father, when he was 12 years old.

Her passion for horses and cinema led her to attend Cours Florent, a theater school based in Paris, where she learned the art of acting and met Mário Luraschi, an Italian double, a specialist in the art of horseback riding linked to cinema.

Luraschi's influences led Faivre to also become a cinema double, in other words, a professional responsible for doubling actors and actresses in action scenes, having already participated in several films.

In 2007, already established in Andalusia (Spain), the Frenchwoman specialized in the technique of dressage, working directly with Rafael Soto, Olympic medalist in this modality.

Clémence Faivre also participated in shows with Don Álvaro Domecq, the founder of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Three years later, he started working with the horse Gotan, creating a show that has fallen in love with thousands of spectators.

Working Equitation

Two years ago, Clémence managed to fulfill another dream: she established herself as a Lusitano Horse breeder in her farm located in Sanlucar de Barrameda, in the mouth of the Guadalquivir, province of Cadiz. That's where he develops horse breeding and gives riding lessons.

«Since I assumed responsibility for organizing Fatacil's equestrian sector in 2010, we have been raising the bar each year, in order to do better and innovate», explained Emídio Paias, at the presentation of the event.

Currently, he guaranteed, "we are already seen with respect by other fairs that organize equestrian shows, as well as by those who organize sporting events."

Emídio Paias admitted, however, that the dimension of the Fatacil ring still does not have the conditions that would be desirable. «At 60 meters by 20 meters, it is not able to compete in dressage, which we failed to do». However, he added: "soon we will have decent facilities to do this".

The news will be presented during the fair, with the announcement of the "requalification" of the space, which, according to the mayor Francisco Martins, will become the "great urban park and great lung of Lagoa".

In the meantime, the 38th Fatacil opens its doors today, with an investment of 850 euros, which the Câmara de Lagoa hopes will be recovered, thanks to the more than 170 expected visitors and the good business that the fair will generate.

Another strong bet is the performance poster: today, the 18th, Agir takes to the stage, which should attract a crowd of fans. This is followed by Richie Campbell (19), João Pedro Pais (20), GNR (21), Dengaz (22), Quim Barreiros (23), Carminho and Tiago Bettencourt (24), Xutos & Pontapés (25) and Matias Damásio ( 26) and finally DAMA, to close, on the 27th.

And whoever goes to Fatacil from today until the 27th of August will find many new features there – turnstiles at the entrance to strictly control the number of visitors and 4000 parking spaces, with new car parks, even inside the city.

In addition, of course, to the new Fatacil roundabout, on the EN125, which is expected to function better and give more traffic to the intense traffic that circulates on that road and on the accesses to Lagoa, these days.