Algarve Tourism Region shows potential at Mar Algarve fair

The Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) will participate in the third edition of the Mar Algarve fair, «with the aim of […]

The Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) will participate in the third edition of the Mar Algarve fair, «in order to reinforce the Sun and Sea, as the main tourist product in the region and responsible for most of the motivations of tourists who visit the destination» . The fair takes place from March 23rd to 25th at Portimão Arena and will feature the Minister of the Sea and the Secretary of State for Fisheries among the visitors.

The stand in the Algarve, with nine square meters, will serve to distribute informative and promotional material to visitors, who, in previous years, had around six thousand people in the three days of the event.

In addition to Sun and Sea, RTA highlights the sea as a strategic product and as an important resource in combating seasonality in the Algarve, namely through nautical tourism.

«Our extensive coastline, with about 200 kilometres, the excellent weather conditions and the numerous port infrastructures linked to recreational boating provide excellent conditions for the development of Nautical tourism and, as the Strategic Marketing Plan of the Algarve indicates , are an excellent way to re-qualify existing resources and contribute to increasing demand, reducing seasonality and attracting new markets» stresses the president of RTA, Desidério Silva.

“Our participation in this event is a great opportunity to reinforce and publicize this immense resource”, he adds.

The 2017 edition will continue to hold seminars and workshops of interest to the different sectors of the Economy of the Sea and to the exhibition aspect, allowing institutions and companies to promote their products and services.

In addition, Mar Algarve reinforces the gastronomic component, either through showcookings of cuisine, or of the taverns present in the space, and it presents some novelties compared to previous years, such as a nautical exhibition and the creation of a specific area for the commerce and sale of products.

Mar Algarve 2017 is a co-organization between the Municipality of Portimão and the Association for the Promotion of Knowledge and the Economy of the Sea in the Algarve (Maralgarve) and has the institutional support of the Ministry of the Sea and various entities, including the Region Tourism Board.