Algarve musicians sing “Earth” through the Serra de Monchique

Mauro Amaral, Azinhaga, Viviane, OrBlua, Flor de Sal, Helena Madeira, Migna Mala, Argonautus Ensemble, Storm & the Sun, João Lum […]

Mauro Amaral, Azinhaga, Viviane, OrBlua, Flor de Sal, Helena Madeira, Migna Mala, Argonautus Ensemble, Storm & the Sun, João Lum and Os Cantores de Monchique are the Algarve musicians who lend their talent to the album «Terra», whose talents presentation is scheduled for Saturday, April 1st, at 18:30 pm, at the Festival do Medronho, in Monchique.

In September of last year, Serra de Monchique suffered a violent fire, in a tragedy of ecological, economic and social dimensions. In the center of the mountain, was the musician Carlos Norton, who, like the other inhabitants, lived moments of panic and hustle, trying to help the neighbors to prevent the flames from destroying their lives.

In the aftermath, and unable to help in any other way, Carlos Norton decided to bring together Algarve musicians and give birth to a project of hope. «I looked at the immensity of black and just thought about the years of waiting until we saw some green. The idea came naturally: to bring together the Algarve artists and make it directly contribute to reforestation and planting trees», explained the musician from OrBlua, in an interview with Sul Informação|Musical.

The compilation “Terra” is produced by Fungo Azul and has the support of the Municipality of Monchique, so it will be on sale for the symbolic price of 4 euros, with the profits reverting in full to reforestation actions.

«It won't just be a tree planting, there is care in having environmental and forestry projects that revert to the mountains, there are planned cleaning actions and also tree planting, but all interpreted in a broader sense, which is maintenance and preservation of the Algarve mountains», added Carlos Norton.



“Terra” is 45 minutes of the best of Algarve music, where you can find songs composed and recorded especially for this compilation, by Azinhaga, Orblua, Helena Madeira and Argonautus Ensemble.

The musicians Mauro Amaral, Migna Mala and Storm & the Sun released themes in advance of their works that will be released soon.

Viviane re-recorded the song “A vida não está”, the groups Flor de Sal and João Lum lent previously edited songs and the Cantores de Monchique lent a song that was recorded but never edited.

In keeping with the symbiotic environment found in the forest habitat, this collection allows some unknown local musicians to emerge and be known in the shadow of more popular ones. «One of the concerns of afforestation that we want to do is to use native species, from the Monchique mountains. This CD is also made by Algarve musicians. There are always some trees that support the others and we looked for names that already have a career and that help to spread the word about the project, but also names that are now emerging. All united in this cause, they end up giving strength to the project and to the artists themselves», explained Norton.

This will be, therefore, a way to show that the artistic community, together with all citizens, can contribute to helping a cause that is fundamental for everyone: maintaining the Algarve Forest.

On Saturday, the release of the album at the Festival do Medronho de Monchique, at 18:30 pm, will feature the performance of Helena Madeira and OrBlua.

The collection “Terra” can be purchased during the weekend, at the Festival do Medronho, as well as at participating points of sale throughout the Algarve. constantly updated on the website of the Terra project.


Algarve musicians participating in the Terra project
Mauro Amaral - Our love
Azinhaga - Hard life
Viviane - life is not enough
OrBlua - burning earth
Salt flower - I always want to see the stars
Helena Madeira - Algarve
Small Suitcase – emareom
Argonautus Ensemble - Fogo
Storm & the Sun – brethe me
John Lum – we can change
Monchique Singers – I go to the Witch so often