Miguel Ângelo performs in DJ Set at the Ginásio Clube de Faro

Musician Miguel Ângelo shows his DJ side at a party scheduled for this Saturday, at 23 pm, at the Gym […]

Musician Miguel Ângelo shows his DJ side at a party scheduled for this Saturday, at 23 pm, at the Ginásio Clube de Faro. This is not one of the best-known strands of the former vocalist of dolphins, but a taste that started a few years ago. It is, in fact, a passion that comes from youth.

«As a teenager, at friends' parties, at the end of the year and at high school, I always liked to put on vinyl. More recently, in a more serious way in 2006/7, when there started to be in Lisbon a series of parties related to music that I like to listen to, more inspired by drunk and the 60s», explained the singer to Musical/Sul Informação.

The visit to the Algarve came from a «nice» invitation and, being the first time he heads this year to Algarve lands, Miguel Ângelo revealed that he will take the opportunity to take a walk, as well as having «all the pleasure of spending those hours sharing songs with the people".

Because it is a sharing that it is about, since, not being a dance or electronic music producer, it assumes itself as a music selector. "I'm more of a selector who strings songs together, one after the other, and who obviously wants to make people dance."

Miguel Ângelo is passionate about songs, concerts and bands, and is, even today, an assumed buyer and consumer of music, so when he stands behind a DJ table, he tries to take a journey that, he says, is always different . «I'm not one of those people who take everything already done from home chained in the pen. I try to read what is going on in front of me, if people are happy, if they are dancing»

As for the type of music you will be able to hear tonight at the Gym Club of Faro, he goes through, above all, the songs he likes, without taking his eyes off the dance floor, but guarantees that there are no big borders. enter music drunk or from the 60s, also the 90s or new things, you can “start with the Beatles and go all the way to Rihanna. I'll try to put songs that people know, others that surprise them».

In short, “it is a journey through the history of great songs, generally the most upbeat ones, because they are always the ones that make us dance”.

Still having an active life as a singer, as Miguel Ângelo has just released a single in its own name, one might think that there is a temptation to improvise, a presence above the music. Miguel Ângelo even hopes that they will sing, yes, but he guarantees that «singing is for the public, that they have a few drinks and that they tune in and sing». “I can hum, but I don't have the micro on”, he guaranteed.

Tickets for the party cost 5 euros and are on sale at the Ginásio Clube de Faro, a non-profit association founded in 1898, located on Rua Ivens, in downtown Faro.