Vila do Bispo municipality and companies enthusiastically participate in the Düsseldorf Boot

Vila do Bispo, through its municipality and companies linked to tourism and the sea, repeated this year the […]

Vila do Bispo, through its municipality and companies linked to tourism and the sea, this year repeated their presence at Boot and the results are once again promising. O Sul Informação spoke with Ricardo Soares, the municipality's senior technician, who represented the municipality at the largest nautical fair in the world.

Sul Informação – After last year's very positive experience, with what dynamism do you present yourself at the 2017 nautical salon?
Ricardo Soares – In 2016, we decided to “put ourselves overboard” in this immense event that Boot is, but we did so based on a very complementary dynamic between the participating companies and the Municipality of Vila do Bispo. We were all determined to promote our territory and the assets of our natural and cultural heritage. The results were so exciting that this year we decided to continue united in this revelation, trying to draw attention to our wonders. Sagres, by itself, is a brand, which drags its geographic location, like a “finisterra” attraction.

SI – Does that mean that this year the bet was reinforced?
RS – The Municipality intends to continue offering companies the possibility of revealing themselves in a national and international context. The eight companies that share this fair with us know this and are strongly committed to this task, which satisfies us a lot, as we are all “rowing in the same direction”. Two more companies joined this year and all those that were last year have returned, as the goals are very promising.

SI – But this year, the Municipality of Vila do Bispo revealed itself in spaces of two Boot pavilions, in Hall 3 and 13. How is this experience going?
RS – We only came across the reality of having to be in two spaces when we arrived here, which forced us to make a redoubled effort to promote the municipality. In pavilion 3, where we had already been in the previous year, we were able to previously renew the displayed images, as well as their quality, increasing visibility and welcoming to visitors and promoters, supported by a promotional video of the Municipality, whose first public presentation was here revealed.

SI – What about Hall 13?
RS – We had to improvise in Hall 13, either in terms of image, or in a rotation of elements from our companies and the Municipality, a situation that does not deserve our liking. It is a situation that will not be repeated, as it is understood that we will continue to come to this great showcase of nautical tourism, the Boot of Düsseldorf. Natural and cultural resources have always been in our Municipality, but we must continue to support, with dynamism, companies, also helping their internationalization and facilitating a sustainable occupation of our territory.

SI – And what do you think of the presence of the Algarve, as a whole, at Boot?
RS – It is a pity that the Algarve region is not in force in this great promotional and business event, which is the biggest world fair in the sector.
This year's results continue to be very promising and adherence to our proposals is very high.
There is no doubt that Portugal must be more committed to nautical activities and the management of its Sea and its decision makers must be more active in the visibility of our resources. It is also by facilitating and promoting the participation of companies and their quality tourist resources, allied to a realistic and unbureaucratic legislative evolution in nautical and tourism, that our country is able to evolve. The Sea is a purpose from which we cannot stray, as almost a third of the North Atlantic Ocean is our responsibility.


Interview: Alberto Machado, GEO – Ocean Studies Group
Photos: Yannick Kethers, GEO