Presentation of the new Skoda SUV brings 10 sellers from all over the world to the Algarve

More than 10 Skoda sellers from all over the world will come to the Algarve during the months of February and March, […]

More than 10 Skoda sellers from all over the world will come to the Algarve during the months of February and March to discover Skoda's new SUV, the Kodiaq. This large-scale event, which will have its nerve center at the Salgados Palace & Congress Center, in Albufeira, will guarantee the region the sale of 15 nights' accommodation.

According to Mário Ferreira, CEO of the NAU Hotels group, owner of this hotel, the model to be presented “will be a four-wheel drive vehicle, the new Skoda SUV. Skoda is a brand of the Volkswagen group, which presented here, in 2016, in this hotel, the new Tiguan, and this will be, after all, the Skoda version of the Tiguan».

At this event, the presentation of Kodiaq is not intended for journalists, but “for international sales networks. It will be a training event and introduction of the car to Skoda dealers around the world. Skoda dealers have designated the sellers who will specialize in selling this model and they will come to the Algarve to discover and test it», revealed Mário Ferreira to Sul Informação.

The assembly and preparation of the scenario where the new model will be presented begins today, the 9th, «and this phase will last for two weeks. There will then be a week of adjustments that coincides with the formation of the trainers and, on January 22, the groups should start arriving».

Mário Ferreira says that «our expectations, among sellers and customers, is that between 10 and 12 thousand people will come to the Algarve, to which is added the staff Skoda, who will stay here for two months on a permanent basis and who will be responsible for the multiple services of organizing the event, car cleaning, etc, etc».

Mário Ferreira hopes that the event can guarantee about “15 thousand nights, which is very good for one unit, and for the region, in low season”.

Holding an event of this size requires the NAU Group to move towards hiring professionals and that is what it is doing. Last Friday, at the Palácio de Congressos do Algarve, the NAU Recruitment Experience, which brought together about 450 candidates interested in working in the group's hotel units in the region.

“We held this event in January, at a time when many hotels are closed, but fortunately we need employees sooner,” explained the NAU CEO.

"We're going to have the launch of the new car, as soon as this event ends, the golf season begins and, as soon as we know it, it's high season", justifies Mário Ferreira, who revealed that 2016 "was the best year ever for the NAU Hotels group , with a growth of around 30% in turnover».

Expectations for 2017 are also «of a great year, even better than 2016», concluded the responsible.