365 Algarve needs «events that make a difference» and that bring overnight stays

Nearly 20 thousand people have already attended the events promoted under the 365 Algarve programme, but the initiative «didn't […]

Nearly 20 thousand people have already attended the events promoted under the 365 Algarve program, but the initiative «does not solve the seasonality» of the Algarve. According to Desidério Silva, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, the second edition of the program, which will start in October this year and extend until May 2018, needs "another dimension" and should "frame three or four events that make a difference».

In an interview with the program Impressões da RUA FM, done in partnership with the Sul Informação, the head of Tourism in the Algarve explained that, «when the program was put on the ground, with very fast execution times, there were two essential issues: the promotion of the region's visibility and notoriety, in cultural terms, thus promoting more overnight stays. The program has shown signs of notoriety, but the increase in overnight stays is not felt yet».

According to Desidério Silva, “in the first months of the program, close to 20 thousand people participated in the actions. This is a good sign, but we are aware that 20% are foreigners and a large part are residents. Hoteliers must be called here to give another dimension to the project».

365 Algarve at FITUR. Photo taken from Dália Paulo's Facebook

To guarantee this greater dimension, Desidério Silva argues that, «from October to May of next year, three or four events that make a difference, that give a “click” have to be framed. In other words, they guarantee that 365 Algarve is not an internal program».

The official believes that “we can't give the region notoriety if we don't have renowned protagonists. Regardless of the size of our agents and artists, which seems interesting to us and that's why we support them, there are shows and programs here that we know will not make “the leap” if they are not “attached” to other names that make a difference. This has to be done and worked on».

Desidério Silva says that the first edition of 365 Algarve «is the basis. We have already managed to put [Algarvian cultural agents] to work, giving them dynamic. We've already got people to go out to see the shows. From here, we will leverage [the 365 Algarve] on a larger scale, so that visibility and notoriety are also associated with overnight stays in the region, because these overnights are sorely missed from October to May», he concluded.

The bet on the next edition 365 Algarve is strong and on FITUR, which runs in Madrid until Sunday, the program even has its own stand, as part of the Algarve's participation.

The program of events will continue to surprise, with the world premiere of the four-handed piano concert by Mário Laginha and Armando Mota as part of the 1st International Piano Festival of the Algarve, which will take place in February. on the 18th of February, at the Municipal Theater of Portimão.

The irreverent «Alchemy – Cultural Itinerancy» is another event highlighted on the poster of the «365 Algarve», a cultural proposal that offers the public experiences that enrich and intensify the experience of the place. «Alchemy» is an invitation to rediscover the Algarve region in four distinct programs of three days each, dedicated to each of the four elements (Water, Air, Fire and Earth), which integrate workshops, meetings, walks, conversations and guided tours that interconnect, complement and take place in the Eastern Algarve in the months of February, March, April and May.

The gastronomy will also be highlighted at the end of February, by the hands of Executive Antoine Westermann, who will organize a Gastronomic Week, at the Museum of Portimão, within the scope of the project «Making the Fish Render in Portimão».

The full schedule can be found at «365 Algarve» page on Facebook and the program is available for download No. Algarve Tourism Region website.



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