NASA confirms this was the hottest August for 136 years

NASA confirmed today that this August was the warmest globally for 136 years, […]

Monthly Global Mean Temperature Anomalies (NASA GISTEMP), July 2016

NASA today confirmed that this August was the warmest month globally for 136 years, equaling the value of July 2016. In these two months, the average temperature on Earth was the highest since there are global instrumental records ( beginning in 1880).

Since October 2015 (11 consecutive months) there have been monthly records for global average temperature, adds the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere.

NOAA has not yet published figures for August 2016, but recently reported that July 2016 was the 379th month with values ​​above the 20th century average. The last month with a negative anomaly was December 1984.

In mainland Portugal, the months of July and August 2016 equaled the highest monthly maximum temperature value of August 2003 (32,2 °C), being the only three months whose values ​​are above 32 °C (Climate Bulletins) , adds the IPMA.

Monthly global average temperature anomalies, January 1880 to July 2016

Regarding the average temperature, the month of July 2016 was the 2nd hottest since 1931 (beginning of the series), since only July 1989 had a higher average temperature value. Last August was the 5th hottest month of August, behind 2003, 1949, 2010 and 2005.

In the summer of 2016 (June, July, August) the maximum air temperature value in mainland Portugal «was the highest since 1931, 30,6 °C, about 2,9 °C above the normal 1971- 2000”, says the IPMA.

It was also the 2nd hottest summer since 1931 (after 2005) with an average temperature value of 23,0 °C, about 1,8 °C above the average value.

Since 1931, 6 of the 10 hottest summers have occurred after 2000, with summer 2005 being the hottest in 86 years.

Evolution of the maximum air temperature and anomalies in relation to the average values ​​in the period 1971-2000, in the month of August, in mainland Portugal