Quays of Quatro Águas and Ilha de Tavira need «urgent intervention»

The mayor of Tavira Jorge Botelho asked for "an urgent intervention" at the Quay Águas and Ilha docks […]

Quatro Águas Wharf_Photo Luís Gonçalves
Photo: Luís Gonçalves

The mayor of Tavira Jorge Botelho asked for "an urgent intervention" at the Quay Águas and Ilha de Tavira piers. The Tavirense mayor took advantage of the presence by the Minister of Environment João Matos Fernandes at the official inauguration of the requalification works of Quatro Águas and the waterfront between Santa Luzia and Pedras d'El Rei to remind that there are still fundamental works to be done.

In Jorge Botelho's view, the requalification of the two anchorages will have to be the work that follows. Also because there is already a project done by the Polis Ria Formosa Society and the funds needed to carry out this work have already been established: around 4 million euros, according to the report. Sul Informação the president of the Polis of Ria Sebastião Teixeira.

«We have projects for both piers and we are in talks with the entity responsible for that area, which is Docapesca, to seek to guarantee funding. But this is a process that is not yet closed», said the president of Polis.

The society that manages this program has a captive budget for this project, but «it is a partnership» in which Docapesca will have to contribute part of the money. “The financial building has to be composed. There is a will, but the will does not work," added Sebastião Teixeira.

Jorge Botelho, for his part, was particularly concerned about this and other works he considers essential, in the Quatro Águas area, in the area that was left out of the work that was inaugurated yesterday. Even because, he considers, the openings serve for more than cut a tape, also serve “to bring members of the Government and make them aware of what still needs to happen”.

«A lot remains to be done. The piers are missing and we also want to invest in nautical support infrastructure in the Quatro Águas area», he said.

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The municipality of Tavira does not intend to watch what others are doing and is advancing with a series of complementary works to rehabilitate the riverfront. This week, the work ends on Pires Padinha Street, between Praça da República and the beginning of Estrada das Quatro Águas.

The launch of the renovation work on the Estrada das Quatro Águas, between the Discoveries bridge and the Polis intervention area, will be launched shortly, in order to continue the work and link it to the city, in a logic of «soft mobility». that is, with conditions for walking and cycling. This intervention will cost "about 200 thousand euros and will be supported by the municipality".

Jorge Botelho does not fail, even so, to praise the works now inaugurated, «interventions for which we have been waiting for many years, but which until now had not gone beyond words».

The responsible for Polis Ria Formosa is also satisfied with the result of the intervention. “Things here changed from 8 to 80. It was a general requalification. It changed the quality for the environment and for the Ria Formosa, for the users and for the public space itself», considered Sebastião Teixeira.

In addition to the challenge of the mayor of Tavira, minister João Matos Fernandes also heard the demands of a small group of anti-oil exploitation activists in the Algarve. In the end, the member of the Government guaranteed that the exploration of hydrocarbons “will not proceed without a careful environmental assessment”, adding that “the natural wealth of the Algarve will never be called into question”.


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