Other looks at the Düsseldorf boot

The entire city of Düsseldorf mobilizes around the boot, the largest nautical fair in the world. In addition to posters […]

boot_dusseldorf_01The entire city of Düsseldorf mobilizes around the boot, the largest nautical fair in the world. In addition to posters and information scattered everywhere, merchants from the Altstadt (Bairro Alto) decorate their windows with boats and other elements associated with the sea, sharing the nautical spirit with the many businessmen and tourists visiting the city on this occasion.

But the fair is not just for businessmen, brands, businesses or simple lovers of nautical, not even the largest delegation ever of entities and companies in the Algarve. Thus, during the weekend, there is a large influx of families who come to spend the day at the fair and enjoy the numerous “indoor” activities offered to children and young people, such as canoeing, sailing, kitesurfing, paddling, skimming, diving, fishing, climbing and small adventure routes.

They can also attend some of the conferences that take place every half an hour in the auditoriums of the various pavilions, enjoy the innumerable offer of nautical and sporting fashion, and even take the opportunity to book their next vacation in any paradise with a mild climate like our Algarve!

During the week, schools in the city and the region can visit the boat, leading its students to experience the various activities that are proposed to them and to attend interesting lectures, with adventurers from around the world sailing or world stars of the competition sailing regattas that everyone admires.

boot_dusseldorf_04There is even a pavilion dedicated to nautical art, where you can spend moments of great calm, far from the hustle and bustle of the other pavilions, enjoying nautical-inspired works, from painting on canvas or sailing, sculpture, modeling, photography and works of art. great creativity with materials that the sea drags to the beaches.

Pavilion 6, which houses the mega-yachts, is also a point of interest, as it is possible to enjoy nearby luxury boats that only the very rich can buy, the largest on display this year, a 30-metre Princess. length, costs a modest sum of 9 million euros and involves an average annual expenditure of around 1,2 million!

logo_bootCustomers who appear as potential buyers are welcomed in exclusive and luxurious stands, where, sometimes, we can see the presence of a pianist, who plays classical music on a grand piano.

A boat Dusseldorf is truly the biggest nautical fair in the world!











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(by Yannick Kethers – GEO)