Former Market on Avenida 25 de Abril in Portimão handed over to the Red Cross

The premises of the former Municipal Market on Avenida 25 de Abril, in Portimão, owned by the Municipality, were today transferred to […]

CVP facilities in PortimãoThe premises of the former Municipal Market on Avenida 25 de Abril, in Portimão, owned by the Municipality, were today transferred to the Portuguese Red Cross in Portimão.

Through a protocol signed today, the Municipality of Portimão graciously placed at the disposal of the Portuguese Red Cross – Delegation of Portimão, for a period of 10 years, that building for the installation of various areas of social support to the community, including a clothing bank and delivery of food goods.

On the occasion, the chairman of the board of the Portimão Delegation of the CVP, Maria José Mendes, stressed “that this is one of the most beautiful and important days of my life and of the Red Cross of Portimão. I have been serving this institution for 40 years and the lack of facilities has always been a great need. With this space we will be able to store food, clothing, files, emergency kits and we can hold our meetings. I always believed that I was going to live this day”.

Maria José Mendes thanked the local authority for the solution found, referring that Portimão gains a place of dignity and for that, congratulations.

Isilda Gomes, mayor, reinforced that this process was not easy, stressing “the importance of the Red Cross in Portimão, Algarve, the country and the world”.

The mayor stressed that, given the current situation, it is crucial to support the social area, it is a priority to help people”, a task for which she says she has the Red Cross and other institutions, in order to “help overcome this complicated situation”.

According to the president, “the transfer of these facilities will allow the Red Cross to fully carry out its activities with adequate means. The Portimão City Council provides a space to grow, work and provide a service with great dignity. The old Municipal Market on Avenida 25 de Abril thus gains a new dimension, a social dimension”.

During this ceremony, checks/donations, in the amount of 1100 euros each, were also delivered by the delegation from the Algarve da Humana to the institutions of Cáritas Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and Factory of the Parish Church of Nossa Senhora do Amparo.

The amount now delivered represents 10 percent of the amount calculated in the last six months of operation of the containers installed in the municipality's residential areas, intended to receive donations of used clothes and shoes, following the partnership established between the Municipality of Portimão and that association non-governmental non-profit.

The ceremony ended with the groups “Os Figueirinhas” and “Os Amigos da Figueira” who sang the Janeiras.