Refugee camp in Fuseta doesn't advance but Câmara has alternatives

The refugee center that was being designed to be installed in Fuseta will no longer move forward, but […]

Refugees Field Fuseta_cortadoeditadoThe refugee center that was being designed to be installed on the Fuseta it won't go any further, but the creation of a space of this kind in the municipality of Olhão is still on the table. After a meeting between the various parties involved in the process, the Chamber of Olhão opposed the proposal of the União de Freguesias and the Cruz Vermelha for the location of the center, but it has "for now, two other alternatives".

According to the director of the delegation of the Red Cross of Moncarapacho and Fuseta António Palma to Sul Informação, “a land was made available by the City Council for the installation of the reception centre, in another area of ​​the municipality of Olhão”.

The president of the Union of Parishes of Moncarapacho/Fuseta Manuel Carlos admitted that the location – next to the Fuseta Health Center – “was not the most suitable and the City Council will provide one or two alternative lands. The idea was worked out and a better location was found, in other parishes».

Although Manuel Carlos has shown willingness to receive the center in the territory of “his” parish, the mayor does not see the setback as a problem. "It doesn't matter where people are welcomed, here or elsewhere, what matters is helping," he said.

O Sul Informação he tried to speak with the mayor of Olhão António Pina, but it was not yet possible. By SMS, the mayor confirmed his opposition to the initial proposal and the existence of "two other alternatives" in the municipality of Olhão for space.

According to what he told other media, the alternative locations are in the parishes of Quelfes and Pechão, outside the town of Fuseta, "but close to the urban fabric", and the possibility of installing the center in Moncarapacho is still under study.

The mayor also claimed that the installation of the refugee center in Fuseta “does not fit” with “a village that is developing towards tourism”.