Coalition accuses PS of "lack of coherence" for criticizing nomination at ACES Sotavento

The Coalition Portugal à Frente accused the PS Algarve of lack of coherence due to the criticisms made in a statement to […]

Portugal AheadThe Portugal Forward Coalition accused PS Algarve of lack of coherence due to criticisms made in a communiqué to the appointment of the new Executive Director of ACES Sotavento, which the socialists say is a "collaborator of the president of the PSD Algarve".

The PSD/CDS-PP coalition says that António Eusébio, President of the PS Algarve, since he is a candidate for deputy, "should, due to the ethics he seeks to preach, have already left his place" as executive secretary of AMAL.

Portugal à Frente says that the criticisms made by the PS Algarve are an "unreasonable act", since the Government remains in office, and recalls "the episode that in March 2011, the President of the PS Algarve, António Eusébio, embodied, how insistently he tried to appoint himself to the administration of ALGAR when the previous government led by José Sócrates had already asked for his resignation, something that at the time the opposition parties noted they were against, as the Statute of Public Managers does not allow that after the fall of the government, the election of administrators is carried out. At the time António Eusébio was still Mayor of São Brás de Alportel».

For the coalition, the criticisms demonstrate "total lack of political coherence of someone who today presents himself as a candidate for deputy for the Algarve".

In the statement, Portugal à Frente says that “the journey towards the October legislatives starts badly for PS Algarve. Instead of putting proposals for the region on their agenda, the Algarve socialists base their political action on faits divers that only aim to camouflage the lack of vision, strategy and proposals they do not have for the Algarve».

"The power that they so much desire and that they feel increasingly far away leads them to easy criticism in a logic of great lack of sense of State," the coalition also accuses.