French teenager dies when falling from the 6th floor in Praia da Rocha

An 18-year-old French girl died this Saturday, early in the evening, after falling from the 6th floor […]

rock tower1An 18-year-old French girl died this Saturday, at the beginning of the night, after having fallen from the 6th floor of the Rocha Tower building, in Praia da Rocha, for reasons that are still unknown.

The alert was given at 20:17 pm this Saturday, and INEM's VMER vehicle was immediately sent to the site, he told the South Informationthe source of the District Relief Operations Center (CDOS).

The VMER team still tried maneuvers to resuscitate the young woman, but her death was eventually declared.

Taking into account that the causes of the fall of the young woman, who was on vacation in Praia da Rocha, are unknown, the Judiciary Police took over the investigations.

There were two vehicles from the Portimão Fire Department, one from the Municipal Civil Protection Service, the INEM VMER vehicle, four PSP vehicles and the Judiciary Police.

The Rocha Tower building is located near V3, or Avenida Comunidade Lusíadas, in Praia da Rocha, and consists of tourist apartments.