Marilu Santana has already gone home to sleep after 15 days and 15 nights in chains in protest

Marilu Santana, the worker who was chained to the interior stairs of Clube Praia da Rocha, went to sleep tonight […]

Marilu_protest sunday_1Marilu Santana, the worker who was chained to the interior stairs of Clube Praia da Rocha, already went to sleep tonight. Yesterday, before midnight, the lady finally left the place where she remained in protest for 15 days and 15 nights, being welcomed by her colleagues and other people.

This happened after yesterday, in an agreement with the mediation of the mayor of Portimão, the workers reached an understanding with the administration for the payment of part of the arrears now and the rest until the summer.

Tiago Jacinto, coordinator of the Workers Union of the Hotel, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar Industry of the Algarve told the Sul Informação that, «the workers got a written commitment from the boss, Paulo Martins, to pay the wages in arrears». The exact terms of the agreement will be presented today, at noon, at a press conference in front of the tourist complex.

O Sul Informação knows that, given the impasse in the protest, with Marilu Santana chained day and night since March 20, the mayor Isilda Gomes, who was mediating the conflict since last Thursday. There were several meetings, between the Union and the administration, and, yesterday evening, it was finally possible to reach a written agreement.

A source linked to the office of Isilda Gomes underlined that the protest was itself becoming "an impediment to solving the problem", since, due to the visibility of the situation, "there were already tour operators to cancel vacations at the Club Stone beach". This, according to the same source, could make the payment of wages in arrears unfeasible due to the fact that it is not possible for the administration to raise the necessary revenues.

During the two weeks of protest, while Marilu Santana remained inside the complex, chained to the stairs, outside her colleagues and other activists kept her company, also sleeping outside. There were several demonstrations of support during these fifteen days, but the situation seemed to have no solution without one of the parties relenting. Yesterday, finally, it was possible to reach the agreement.