Loulé Rugby loses to Vitória de Setúbal due to last minute rehearsal

Loulés once again enjoyed the support of many supporters, despite the bad weather, who had the opportunity to […]

RugbyThe Loulé fans once again had the support of many fans, despite the bad weather, who had the opportunity to see an intense and emotional game, until the end.

The home team, among which André Coelho stood out, responsible for all the points achieved by his team, were winning with a minute to go, but could not hold the result.

The first part was very balanced and ended with a draw by 3 points, without either team being able to score a trial. Loulé Rugby even started better in the second half and quickly put the result in 6-3, through a penalty kick. Shortly after, at a time when the Loulé team were being penalized with a temporary expulsion, Vitória managed to make a trial and went ahead of the marker.

The home team still had the strength to react and put themselves in advantage again, again through a penalty kick, changing the result to 9 to 8, but the visitors managed another test in the last minute of the game and ensured the victory. The Loulé team ended up with the consolation prize, the point
defensive bonus, as he lost by less than 7 points.

Currently, the Rugby Clube de Loulé team occupies sixth place in the league table with the same points as Sport Lisboa e Benfica and one more than the Vitória de Setúbal team.

For the Loulé Rugby Club team played: Tiago Silva, Guilherme Laia, Nicanor Carneiro, Nuno Pedro, Miguel Caliço, Ricardo Narciso, André Pintassilgo, André Coelho (3+3+3), Bruno Cebola, Rui Lourenço, João Rodrigues, Benjamin Contreras, Rafael Ribeiro, Paulo Semeão and Tiago Sousa. Cristhian Dierickx, Bruno Rasga, Denis Miron, João Rombinha, Ruben Sebastião, Sebastian Keeping, Stephen Hodgson and Yohan Deroubaix also played.

The next game will be played in Loulé, in the city's Municipal Park, against the São Miguel team, this Saturday, October 18, with the kick-off scheduled for 15:30.