PHOTOGALERIA: Sardine was the “star” of the cataplana at Portimão Market

The sardine was, as it could not be otherwise, the star of the day in the last demonstration in municipal markets of […]

Sardines were, of course, the star of the day at the last demonstration in municipal markets of the Cataplana Algarvia project, last Saturday, September 13, at the Mercado Municipal de Portimão.

As always, the demonstration was carried out by chef Augusto Lima, who, in front of an interested audience of Portuguese and foreigners, explained and demonstrated step by step how to use this utensil characteristic of Algarve cuisine in the most delicious way.

On Thursday, the 11th, the project had been in the arrivals area of ​​the Airport of Faro, with three cooks and three Cataplanas: João Santos (“tarantelo” cataplana (tuna belly)/sweet potato/clam/salicornia/almond), Augusto Lima (Mackerel cataplana/sweet potato/oregano) and Frederico Lopes (cataplana de cod/pork tenderloin/clam/shrimp).

The Cataplana Algarvia project is promoted by Algarve get-together, Algarve Tourism Region and Algarve Tourism Association, which organized, over the months of July, August and September, a series of cooking demonstrations as part of the project, financed by the Algarve 21 Operational Programme.

The initiative will culminate, next January, with the publication of an Algarve cataplana recipe book, to be distributed by the Algarve Tourism Region.

The demonstrations also included the Sweet Art Fair, in Lagos (25th July), Municipal Market in Olhão (15th August), Mercado de Loulé (16th August) and the Mediterranean Diet Fair, in Tavira (5th September).