Passos Coelho challenges PS for consensus at a very popular Festa do Pontal (Photogallery)

The social-democratic “family” gathered again on the Calçadão de Quarteira, in Loulé, for yet another Festa do Pontal, which marks the […]

point party (159)The social-democratic “family” gathered again on the Calçadão de Quarteira, in Loulé, for another Festival of Pontal, which marks the political re-entry of the PSD, after the summer.

Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho was once again the main figure of the night, where militants appeared in large numbers, and took the opportunity to address the main opposition party, to ask for an agreement on the reform of Social Security.

A day after a new decision by the Constitutional Court that rejected the Solidarity Contribution that the Government intended to apply to higher reforms, one of the main measures planned to balance public accounts, the Prime Minister did not directly mention the matter. The focus of the speech was, even so, related to the Social Security reform, a task that Pedro Passos Coelho says he will no longer try to do in this legislature, challenging the PS to agree with the executive a Social Security reform to be applied after the 2015 legislative elections, regardless of who wins the elections.

As usual, the party brought together well-known figures from the party, both regionally and nationally. Around 2600 militants were present in Quarteira and the interaction took place from the end of the afternoon and into the night, between more organized groups, with orange flags and shirts and other more informal ones. Here are some images:

(Photos Gabriel Clemente)