Interactive film “Neblina” is ready to premiere

The interactive film Neblina, the first of the trilogy The paths that fork, will premiere at the […]

fog_1The interactive movie Fog, the first of the trilogy The paths that fork, will make its debut at the Avanca Film Festival, on July 23rd. This project, based at the Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC), was developed in the applied research line “Creation of digital artefacts”, within the University of Algarve.

Fog it fits into the post-doctoral research of the researcher Bruno Mendes da Silva and seeks to apply the theoretical research started in his doctoral thesis Eternal Present, the time in contemporaneity, which resulted in the publication of the book the stuck machine, the question of time in the relationship between cinema, comics and contemporaneity (2010).

The realization of this interactive narrative seeks to reconfigure the experience of the movie spectator. It is intended that this project its own identity on the protagonist of the action, becoming the spectator-protagonist. To this end, at the time of its premiere, an application will be available on the web that divides the visualization of the narrative into three streams of images and which can be viewed on different devices through the website

fog_2At the Avanca Film Festival, the film's premiere will combine conventional projection with the complementary use of laptops, tablets e smartphones.

The available image flows offer the spectator the possibility to choose his own path within the story, as the main character, being able to also select the protagonist's gender with which he most identifies.

This project seeks a new relationship, between audience and work, less dormant and stagnant, where the distance between genres and between reality and fiction will tend to disappear.