Chronicle of the 7th Crossing of the Via Algarviana – episode 11

The Via Algarviana crossing continued this Tuesday, between Cachopo and Vaqueiros. Discovering the inland Algarve takes the […]

The Via Algarviana crossing continued this Tuesday, between Cachopo and Vaqueiros. Discovering the inland Algarve leads hikers to reflect on the fundamental role of Parish Councils.

Tuesday, April 15, 11th day of walking:

There is no way to walk through this interior of the Algarve to be confronted with realities that we didn't know. The role of the Parish Councils has been discussed and the discussion has been carried out essentially from a city perspective.

The problem is that there are other Portugais where the Parish Council is essential for the well-being of the population. Those who have defended the reorganization or extinction of parishes should travel through the interior of the Algarve and pass through Cachopo (Tavira).

There, the Parish Council is presided over by D. Otília Cardeira, but our big doubt is whether there aren't several Donas Otílias: D. Otília who drives the van that transports people, D. Otília who takes care of the accommodation in the Casas Baixas, D. Otília who made the honey cake and the jams we ate for breakfast, D. Otília who sings with the group, D. Otília artisan, D. Otília who… It's this lady who, through the Parish Council and its activities makes Cachopo move!

Returning to our journey: after breakfast taken in the open air in the playground of the former primary school of Casas Baixas, now transformed into accommodation, we set off on our way.

Those who have made the crossing several times have commented that this year nature is at its best! Only in this way is it justified that yesterday, when we passed through the burnt area in 2012, the landscape was already regenerating and that today we have crossed hills and valleys dominated by rockrose and stone pine, with white carpets of marigolds, mixed with the purple of the rosemary.

This route, slightly bumpy, is rich in natural viewpoints and crosses two small villages: Amoreira and, imagine!, Monchique.

Curiosity: passing by a shepherd, it was clear that he was telling us what he should do with the goats and sheep he was guarding. He doesn't know, but rest assured, we've all reached the end of another day of walking.

Tomorrow, we will have 20,3 km, between Vaqueiros and Furnazinhas. We've already taken almost 250 km on our legs, and there are still three days to go to the end of this crossing, in Alcoutim, where it seems that a party in the castle is waiting for us!


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