Chronicle of the 7th Crossing of the Via Algarviana – «The End»

The End! And finally the group of hikers reached the end of their “penance” of 300 kilometers from Cape […]

The End! And finally, the group of hikers reached the end of their “penance” of 300 kilometers, from Cabo de S. Vicente to Alcoutim and the Guadiana. The chronicler, despite the difficulties experienced, already misses these 14 days of crossing the Via Algarviana.

Friday, April 18th, 14th and last day of walking:

On this last day of the Via Algarviana Crossing, the gods of meteorology were asked to have time to walk. And the gods granted us this Grace, with cloudy skies and without excessive heat.

It was a calm route, with 20 or so walkers and a few cyclists, but there was already a hint of nostalgia and nostalgia among those who shared most – or all – of the crossing.

We always hear that arriving at the sea of ​​Sagres, when the crossing is made in the opposite direction, has great symbolism. But note that the arrival to the Guadiana, the great river of the South, is not far behind.

The magnificent five: Paco, Zé Brito, Anabela, António and Ana

It was an arrival that hit rock bottom. All wearing the jerseys of the crossing, the cyclists also joined the party and the five magnificent ones who took the walk from Sagres to Alcoutim expressed their emotion. For posterity, their names: Anabela, Ana, Paco, António and José.

Some loose notes to close these chronicles:

>> about 300 km, with accumulated drop of around 6400 meters;

>> impossibility of putting on paper the smells and colors of the magnificent Algarve landscapes;

>> bee stings;

>> the number of people from the Algarve who made the entire crossing (all but Paco);

>> the square meters of skin that are lost in stupid and bubbles;

>> the amount of patches and patches spread over the body;

>> Anabela's magical hands, without which many hikers would be on the way;

>> friendship and companionship – the people who make this crossing are special!

The Guadiana River at last!

>> the food: with bread and wine, the path is made;

>> the election of the black mini as the official drink of this crossing;

>> testing the limits of pain and suffering;

>> No hay gloria sin dolor!

>> Finally: there are no words to describe what you can and should experience.

Please take the Via Algarviana crossing. If they ask, I'll say: YES, IT WAS WORTH IT!


Finally, an extra chronicle by José Brito, a few blocks describing this 7th Travessia, authored by Ana Boto, one of the five magnificent hikers who this year covered the 300k journey:

Crossing the Via Algarviana - hikers and cyclists

«From Cape S. Vicente to Alcoutim,
14 days passed,
about 300 km in the frenzy,
we crossed the Algarve.

the calm route
quickly transformed
between cistus and rosemary,
with ups and downs changed.

We walked outdoors,
animals we saw,
ways of life we ​​witnessed,
sunsets enjoyed.

Between stages we live together,
new people we met,
but the five survivors
until the end we walked.

Our guide as a nurse
took care of us from start to finish,
always ahead
and at the end of the day, burrefa, plim!

The mayor of Alcoutim Osvaldo Gonçalves and Anabela Santos, from Almargem, the guide for the crossing, at the final reception for walkers, at Alcoutim castle

After miles of walking,
to the black minis we got used to,
snacks to accompany
and at dinner we continued.

Traditional food,
moray eel, deer and wild boar,
arbutus at the end,
oh how good it is there!

Fields full of flowers,
birds sing to cheer.
What is not lacking are the pains
for the body to enliven.

We were enriched
by the experience we live here.
We got used to freedom,
who knows when we'll see each other!"


Veja here all 256 photos of this 7th crossing of Via do Infante.