PS has "responsibility" to involve the Algarve in the political discussion

The PS/Algarve “must debate the State of the region” and know how to do it also “outside the party”. The warning […]

The PS/Algarve “must debate the State of the region” and know how to do it also “outside the party”. The warning was left yesterday by the president of the Algarve Federation of PS António Eusébio at the New Year's dinner of this political structure, who also considered it to be «the PS's responsibility to take the step of involving people and, with them, achieve this political discussion» .

Many of the region's leading socialist figures as well as party representatives with national responsibilities gathered this Monday night at the Sports Café in Faro, to launch a new year. And both António Eusébio and PS National Secretary Miguel Laranjeiro, the speakers at the evening, elect greater openness to society and citizen involvement as priorities.

For António Eusébio, it is necessary, from the outset, that there are changes in the PS and that the party “is capable of making people believe in change”. This is because, he considered, most Portuguese are "in a state of alienation", caused by the difficulties. “How is it possible for the people to be so silent, with such a measure of austerity? How is it possible that people do not react?” he asked.

As for the political struggles that the PS will wage in 2014, in the region, words for several problems that are already behind them, such as the halt of works on the EN 125 or the disinvestment in education, but also for other “fresh” goods, namely the document public launched by 183 doctors from the Centro Hospitalar do Algarve, with strong criticism and denunciation of blackmail by the Board of Directors of this health unit.

«The CHA plays pranks on the Algarve and the professionals who work there every day», he considered. And he used a well-known anecdote to illustrate what he considers to be the attitude of Pedro Nunes: that of the man who is following a highway, there was on the radio that someone was going the wrong way and he says that they are all going in the wrong direction. "It seems that this is how the CHA Board of Directors sees things," he said.

A subject that Miguel Laranjeiro also addressed, to illustrate the Government's disinvestment in the area of ​​Health. Another focus of the speech of the member of the National Secretariat of the PS was the challenges that are approaching, namely the European elections and the “Novo Rumo” convention, which PS will promote in Lisbon, on May 17th. "We call all those who review the manifesto that was launched to get involved in the discussion," he urged.

Considering that 2013 «was a year of intense work and victories», referring to «the best result ever of a party or coalition in a municipal ones», Miguel Laranjeiro wants the year that starts to be similar, at least in terms of electoral success , launching the European themes, which also take place in May.