Collection of 158 tons by the Algarve Food Bank «is work» at the height of the crisis

About 158 ​​tonnes of food were donated to the Algarve's Food Bank Against Hunger (BACF) in the […]

About 158 ​​tonnes of food were donated to the Algarve's Food Bank Against Hunger (BACF), in the bag campaign that took place on Saturday and Sunday in 160 stores in the region.

the numbers are lower than the collection of about a year ago., but even so, "it's a job" to keep the collection at these levels, "taking into account that 2013 was the worst year since the crisis began", considered the president of the BACF do Algarve.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Nuno Cabrita Alves said that “the ones who give are often people who are also in difficulties”, which makes the gesture even more significant. “There were more people giving, but each one tends to give a little less” than in other years.

A retraction noted in consumption in general. "There were some supermarkets in which we ended up withdrawing the teams earlier, as no customer entered for more than an hour and a half", he revealed.

The bag donation campaign has already ended, but the online and vale campaigns are still active until December 8th. "People can still and, if possible, even should, contribute in this way," he said, laughing, a. The person responsible for the institution in the Algarve is hopeful that donations will increase in this way, a trend that has been observed.

To contribute to the Vale Campaign, all you have to do is go to an affiliated commercial area and buy one of the vouchers available at the cash registers. The Voucher is only valid if registered.

The Online Campaign is accessible from anywhere in the world through the platform «Feed this Idea», where the benefactors can choose which products they want to donate and, if they prefer, designate the regional Food Bank they want to support. If they don't, food is divided nationally.

In the country as a whole, the BACF received 2.767 tons of foodstuffs from citizens. here too, the numbers are higher than in May, but lower than in November 2012, the same as in the Algarve. This was the 44th collection of the Food Bank in Portugal.