DJs on the beach and dances add color to the Carnival of Vila Real de Santo António and Monte Gordo

Carnival celebrations in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António will be marked with balls and a […]

Carnival celebrations in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António will be marked with balls and one and a selection of djs on the beach in Monte Gordo and at the António Aleixo Cultural Center, to which will be added a program specially prepared for pre-school and first cycle students, on the morning of February 8th.

In the grounds of the Centro Cultural António Aleixo, in VRSA, there will be no shortage of balls and mask competitions, on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 16th of February, always after 22 pm.

On February 9th, the night will be animated by Vera Pereira, while on February 10th the stage will be with the rhythms of Tânia and Teresa. On February 11th, the Cultural Center receives Duo Reflexo, closing the Carnival program, on February 16th, with the great Baile da Pinhata, also at 22 pm.

Em Monte Gordo, the dances take place on February 9, 10 and 11 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), between 22 pm and 4 am, in a tent installed in the West Zone of the Avenida Marginal.

the early hours of the night, in Monte Gordo, will be animated by Duo Reflexo and Ângelo Correia. Night out, on the 9th, the sound booth will be under the controls of the dj Ilegal, while on the 10th the dance floor will be conducted by the djs Karussa and Karussa Jr.


Special programming for the youngest


On February 8, in Vila Real de Santo António, between 9:30 am and 10:30 am, a Children's Carnival parade is scheduled, from EB1/JI António Aleixo and EB1/JI Escola Caldeira Alexandre to Rua Dr. Teófilo Braga, passing by Marquês de Pombal Square. This is followed by a children's Carnival ball at Centro Cultural António Aleixo.

Also on the 8th, but on Monte Gordo, there will be a Carnival parade from EB1/JI Monte Gordo to the Casino, between 9:30 am and 10:30 am. This is followed by a Carnival ball in the EB 2.3 pavilion. Monte Gordo, with choreographies, clowns and music.

In Vila Nova de Cacela, the children's parade takes place between EB1/JI Manuel Cabanas and the municipal market. After 10:30 am, there is a ball in the pavilion of Cacela.

Also on February 10, the cultural center hosts a children's matinee with a mask and music contest by Paulo Pacheco.