Sidónio Pais's death revisited in a play at Lethes

The Lethes Theatre, in Faro, will receive next Friday the play «On the other side of the Truth», by Ana Cristina […]

The Lethes Theatre, in Faro, will receive next Friday the play «On the other side of the Truth», by Ana Cristina Oliveira, at 21 pm. A show by the «Doismaisum» Theater Company that revisits the first two decades of the 30th century, with a special focus on the murder of Sidónio Pais and José Júlio da Costa, the man who killed him, through the eyes of a newspaper director, some years later.

The text, also by Ana Cristina Oliveira, explores one of the «several incidents» that marked this time in Portugal's history, although the author admits that «choosing one of them to elect him as a paradigm of that time of upheavals became a task difficult and risky».

«The euphoria of the first rulers, the absurd succession of governments, the entry into the 1st World War, the general strikes, is in itself more than enough matter to start a small sketch of the life of the Portuguese at that time», considered the play's creator , in a statement.

«I stopped at the figure of Sidónio Pais because this ruler, in addition to being the only president to be assassinated in his role as head of state, emerged as the symbol of stability that the nation so longed after the government upheavals after the fall. of the monarchy. The man who storms through the Republic on horseback falls at his feet, shot down with two shots», he continued.

"On the other side of the truth" makes an exercise around some issues surrounding this murder, first of all why it happened. “If this statesman gave the nation what it craved, then why was he slaughtered? The answer could lie in the life of the man who killed him, José Júlio da Costa», said Ana Cristina Oliveira.

«From the projection of life and the discourse between the alienated and the coherent, from what is possible to glimpse in the man who was José Júlio da Costa, I intended to lift the veil a little and revisit the reality of Portugal in the first two decades of the XNUMXth century , with this reality being constructed and commented on by the director of a newspaper twenty years later, already in the midst of the rise of the Estado Novo», concludes the play's author and director.

The piece features interpretations by António Gambóias and Henrique Prudêncio, who is also responsible for the video design of the piece.

Tickets for the show cost 8 euros for the general public and 5 euros for those under 30 and over 65. Tickets can be purchased at and participating points (CTT, FNAC) or on site an hour and a half before the start of the show. For reservations, contact 289 878 908 between 15 pm and 18 pm.