Rivals approach Samuel Caldeira's leadership in the APCP Ranking

The Algarvian Samuel Caldeira (Carmine-Prio-Tavira) is, for the fourth consecutive month, the leader of the APCP Ranking, a classification organized by the Association […]

For the fourth consecutive month, the Algarve's Samuel Caldeira (Carmim-Prio-Tavira) is the leader of the APCP Ranking, a classification organized by the Portuguese Association of Professional Cyclists, under the aegis of the Portuguese Cycling Federation. But June marked the approach of opponents.

Among the top five in May, only one remains in the top 5 in June. It is precisely the Algarvian sprinter, who racked up another 50 points and now has 495. The runner-up, with 325 points, is Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive). Edgar Pinto (LA-Antarte) rose to third position with 317 points.

The collective table saw the exchange of places between Efapel-Glassdrive, which was in second place, and Carmim-Prio-Tavira, which commanded. The team from Feirense ends June in the lead, with 951 points, 48 ​​more than those achieved by the Algarve. La-Atarte is right behind, having already won 773 points.

In the voting for the best worker in the squad, Nelson Vitorino (Carmim-Prio-Tavira) remains ahead, thanks to the 28 votes already raised, having increased the difference that separates him from the second, Hugo Sancho (LA-Atarte) to seven votes. César Fonte (Efapel-Glassdrive) holds the third position, 12 votes from the first.

APCP Ranking 2012 – June


1st Samuel Caldeira (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), 495 points

2th Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive), 325

3rd Edgar Pinto (LA-Antarte), 317

4th José Gonçalves (Onda-Boavista), 301

5th António Carvalho (Mortágua), 274

6th Filipe Cardoso (Efapel-Glassdrive), 272

7th Jorge Montenegro (Louletano-Dunas Douradas), 255

8th José Mendes (LA-Antarte), 245

9th Marco Cunha (Liberty Seguros/Fair/Specialized), 197

10th Alejandro Marque (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), 176



1st Nelson Vitorino (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), 28 votes

2nd Hugo Sancho (LA-Antarte), 21

3rd César Fonte (Efapel-Glassdrive), 16



1st Efapel-Glassdrive, 951 Points

2nd Carmim-Prio-Tavira, 903

3rd LA-Antarte, 773