Big names in music pass on the stage at Fatacil between August 17th and 26th

Fatacil, Lagoa's Handicraft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Fair, returns to this city from 17 to 26 […]

Fatacil, Lagoa's Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Fair, returns to this city from August 17th to 26th, with a strong entertainment program.

Thus, the fado of Teresa Tapadas and Cuca Roseta (17th), Boss AC (18), André Sardet (19), José Cid (20), Quim Barreiros (21), David Carreira (22) will be played on the fair's main stage. ), Amor Electro (23), Tim & Adventure Partners: Tim, Vitorino and João Gil (24), Aurea (25) and Paulo Gonzo (26), to be closed.

«Considering the quality of its offer, compared to the cost of tickets (5 euros for individual tickets, 15 euros for family tickets for 4 people, free entry for children up to 12 years old) Fatacil is arguably the cheapest event in the city. region, so we think that, if visitors have to choose between the events that take place in the 2nd fortnight of August in the Algarve, they will prefer Fatacil 2012», guarantees João Ramos, one of the people in charge of organizing the event.

Of the approximately 500 spaces available for exhibitors in all sectors of the fair, an occupancy of around 60% was already guaranteed by the middle of this month of June, added João Ramos.

The handicraft sector of Fatacil, one of its ex-libris, has already closed the registrations, having assured the participation, either individually or through associations and municipalities, of about 170 artisans from all over the country. two dozen candidates on the waiting list for eventual withdrawals.

The commercial and industrial sector has the confirmed presence, so far, of only 120 companies, and registers a significant drop compared to the previous year, when this area of ​​the fair had already suffered a major reduction.

The organization of Fatacil guarantees that this year's gastronomic valence will have a menu of superior quality, with the presence of new restaurants already confirmed that will present dishes based on meat from national autochthonous breeds, such as Marinhoa ​​and Brava Taurina. The Azores, Beira Baixa, Alentejo, Ribatejo, Algarve are some of the regions represented.

In its entertainment offer, the highlight is the equestrian show «O Algarve Lusitano», which takes place every night, in five sessions, in the arena. This year the theme of his choreography is the Lusitano Horse and Fado, two universally recognized heritages of Portuguese culture.

Two personalities of Portuguese art will be evoked: the Master of Equestrian Art Nuno Oliveira and the Queen of Fado Amália Rodrigues.

Over five sessions, during Fatacil's 10 days, the public in the arena's arena will applaud horses, riders, fado singers, guitarists and other guest artists, who will interpret, in an emotional and stunning symbiosis, the synchronized movements of Portuguese equestrian art with the genuine musical sonorities of the Portuguese soul expressed by fado.

«O Algarve Lusitano» has the performances of Brazilian vaulter Natália Cerqueira, one of the world's most highly regarded performers of artistic vaulting.

Une of the novelties this year in the equestrian sector program at Fatacil will be the public presentation, for the first time in Portugal, of the theme «Modern Techniques for Selection of Sport Horses», commented by the master of Equestrian Art and judge of the International Equestrian Federation , Francisco Cancella de Abreu, one of the most emblematic personalities linked to the horse in Portugal.

«Fatacil, in its 33rd edition, will adapt to the current unfavorable economic context that the Algarve, in particular, and the country in general, are going through, so that the event remains sustainable, with some measures to rationalize costs and means, which do not jeopardize the prestige of what is still considered the most important generalist event in southern Portugal», concludes João Ramos.