Quarteira/Vilamoura Municipal Center for Marching and Running

More than a hundred marchers from the Municipality of Loulé attended the inauguration of the Municipal Center of […]

More than a hundred marchers from the Municipality of Loulé attended the inauguration of the Municipal Center for Marching and Running of Quarteira/Vilamoura, an initiative within the scope of the celebrations of the 13th Anniversary of the City of Quarteira, and which took place yesterday morning .

Located in the Municipal Swimming Pools of Quarteira, it is a center where walking practitioners can travel to be assisted by accredited technicians who will carry out an assessment and exercise prescription.

The Walking Center includes three routes – Calçadão de Quarteira (8285m), Marina de Vilamoura (5653m) and Vilamoura (8443) – all marked on the ground. Each practitioner can choose the route that is more accessible, taking into account the distances, but also the prescription of the technicians, which is made according to needs.

On Monday and Friday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, the practitioners will be led in the march by municipal technicians. Tuesday, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, is dedicated to gym training. Also on this day, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, the physical assessment of the practitioners is carried out, which can be carried out more than once a month, according to the needs.

These services do not have any cost to the user, and only annual insurance is required for a value of around 7 euros. Interested parties can obtain more information at the Municipal Swimming Pools in Quarteira, by calling 289 400 847.

“All of you can belong to this Center, be evaluated and practice quality exercise with recommended evaluation so that there are no problems during the exercise practice”, said Cristino Rodrigues, one of the technical coordinators.

According to the Municipality of Loulé Sports Councilor, Joaquim Guerreiro, this equipment is part of a national strategy for the creation of walking and walking circuits. “There are already many implemented in the country, and in the Algarve as well. The Municipality of Loulé joined the project in 2010. Today we are implementing the first Marching Centre, with three circuits – two in Vilamoura and one in Quarteira – and the Loulé one will soon be inaugurated, which will be located in the Municipal Park , also with three circuits”, explained the responsible.

Joaquim Guerreiro also highlighted the importance of the march in the “search for well-being and levels of physical satisfaction”, and the need to “bring more young people to this practice”, at a time when the numbers of childhood obesity in Europe are alarming.

The president of the Parish Council of Quarteira, José Coelho Mendes, highlighted the conditions in Quarteira for the practice of the sport. “We have a sports complex with swimming pools, tartan track, changing rooms, we have a practically flat city, routes defined in the urban area of ​​Vilamoura and within Quarteira. This is an asset for all of us to be able to enjoy what is good in Quarteira – climate, environment and extraordinary routes, with beach, sea, pine forest or dirt”, he stressed.

Promote and encourage regular sports practice among the population, assess the user's health and physical status in his own office, prescribe exercise appropriate to the user's physical/health condition, contribute to the improvement of the population's health levels through regular sports practice, combating sedentary habits, increasing the opportunities for the entire population to practice sports and developing and strengthening, with local communities, a social environment that encourages an active lifestyle are the main objectives of this Municipal Center of March, which is now available of all.