Citrus fruits will be highlighted at the Slow Taste Workshops in Loulé

The second session of the Slow Taste Workshop cycle, an initiative of the Slow Food Algarve, with the support of […]

The second session of the Slow Taste Workshops cycle, an initiative of the Slow Food Algarve, with the support of the Loulé Council, will take place next Thursday, February 9th, at 18 pm, at the Nuts Dried Fruit Interpretive Centre, in Loule.

This time the theme will be “Os Citrinos”, and Chef Augusto Lima is once again the guest, who will prepare simple dishes based on these products. The Chef will be accompanied by Barman Bruno Guerreiro, who will make cocktails also made with citrus fruits.

In Portugal, the Algarve is a reference in terms of citriculture. The Algarve citrus fruit is generally characterized by its intensely colored and shiny thin rind and its high juice content with a very sweet taste. Citrus fruits are very versatile products in terms of gastronomy.

This workshop is divided into three stages: conversation/dissertation on the topic, in a multicultural approach, exploring the historical and cultural roots of our gastronomic identities and/or developing a scientific approach to it; gastronomic demonstration; tasting by the public and explanations from producers and experts.

Admission is free.

This workshop will also have the collaboration of the Padre João Coelho Cabanita School Group, which has already started the “Slow Food Taste Education Program”.

Promoting the concept of ecogastronomy, combining pleasure and food with awareness and responsibility, recognizing the strong connections between the dish and the planet is the main objective of this cycle of workshops.

Slow Food Algarve is a non-profit association that wants to grow through the involvement of local producers, projects, events and collaborations, the creation of gardens in schools and educational programs, the organization of seminars, conferences and classes, sharing with others people, the joy and pleasure that food gives us. For this, the PROVE basket is a partner in these activities.