JSD is «the best political school in the country» says a member of the Passos Coelho cabinet

Bruno Inácio, president of the Youth Social Democrat/Algarve, says that “the Algarve is usually placed in the background by politicians from […]

Bruno Inácio, president of the Youth Social Democrat/Algarve, says that “the Algarve is normally placed in the background by Lisbon politicians and it is important to reinforce our political position as a region. The removal of the Algarve from Lisbon means that our “interiority” is reinforced and therefore it is necessary to bring together the political leaders of our party”.

Bruno Inácio was speaking at a dinner party with local and regional leaders and activists, which took place in Lagos on November 4th.

The initiative, promoted by the Regional Political Commission of JSD/Algarve in collaboration with JSD/Lagos, had as its main guest João Montenegro, who was JSD secretary general in the first term of former president Pedro Rodrigues and is now a member of the Cabinet of support from Prime Minister Passos Coelho.

The JSD/Algarve leader also underlined the importance of these meetings, as he considered that they “contribute to the formulation of the political thoughts of our militants and leaders. It is important to hear references from our structure and from the PSD to better understand the national policy context and thus improve our action”.

Alexandra Pargana, president of JSD/Lagos, on the other hand, said that “Lagos is going through a moment in which the municipal executive has lost its direction and this is the moment for the PSD to take the lead in the council's political discussion and to prepare for take over the direction of the county in two years' time. For this reason, it is important to bring national references from our party to our council”. For Rui Araújo, president of the PSD/Lagos, “the reactivation of the JSD in Lagos and the work it has been developing is an important sign of the dynamic that the party is having in the council and at a time when the country is going through a deep crisis, it is very the involvement of young people in active politics is important.”

João Montenegro spoke of his experience at JSD and how it was important for his political career. He stated that “JSD is the largest and most important political structure for young people in Portugal and that it is without doubt the best political school in the country”.

Amid mistrust of the important moments he had at JSD, the former secretary general left appeals for the public participation of young people and their involvement in JSD's political projects.