Faro receives seminar «Innovating in Tourism through Knowledge and Creativity»

The Enterprise Europe Network and CCDR Algarve, in collaboration with the European Commission, will organize on the 7th of […]

The Enterprise Europe Network and CCDR Algarve, in collaboration with the European Commission, are organizing on October 7th, at the Hotel and Tourism School of Faro, an international seminar entitled “Innovating in Tourism through Knowledge and Creativity”.

This is an initiative integrated in the European Campaign to raise awareness of Service Innovation and also in the European SME Week 2011.
The competitiveness of the tourism sector increasingly depends on knowledge generated and shared in collaborative environments involving institutional, business and scientific agents; this knowledge, in turn, should give rise to innovation in the product/service, in the processes or in the organization and marketing of the companies.

The management of knowledge and innovation must be organized and systematized, in order to provide more effective economic results, both at the level of sectoral clusters and in each individual company.

The importance of technology and creativity in these innovation processes has been recognized and valued in the most important international forums.
In this context, the seminar in reference provides knowledge of projects and good regional and business practices and the opinion of experts on the themes under analysis.
The case of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, is relevant, as it portrays a region with a mature tourism sector of great economic weight, which organized an Innovative Business Group for Tourism and developed an important relationship between the technological sector and the tourism sector, patent in the activities of the “Balears.t” cluster.

Two presentations by reputable experts are planned during the morning panel and the workshop “Technology and Tourism”.
In the afternoon panel, COTEC Portugal will refer to the application of its innovation management model to tourism companies, highlighting the specificities to be taken into account as a counterpoint to its use in industrial companies.

The Tivoli Group, in turn, will present its experience in terms of innovation practices, namely through the development of its award-winning “Experience More” service.
We would also like to highlight the presence of the president of the Agency for the Development of Creative Industries (also linked to the event “Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture”), who will reflect on the essential role that creative and cultural activities can play in innovation in tourism.
Registration for the seminar “Innovating in Tourism through Knowledge and Creativity” is free and is taking place through the form available on the CCDR Algarve website – www.ccdr-alg.pt .