Vila do Bispo Chamber doubles Municipal Forest Intervention Teams

Vila do Bispo City Council doubled the Municipal Forest Intervention Teams (EMIF), with the aim of preventing […]

The Municipality of Vila do Bispo has doubled the Municipal Forest Intervention Teams (EMIF), with the aim of preventing forest fires (preventive forestry) and increasing surveillance of the municipality's forest, announced the municipality.

The new team, made up of two elements, has been operational since the end of June, for a period of one year, having been the first initiative of its kind to be implemented in the Algarve.

Its activation coincided, after the initial training, with the beginning of the “Charlie” phase on July 1st, the most critical time for fires, which lasts until the next 30th of September.

This action is part of the protocol aimed at involving unemployed people registered at employment centers in actions to prevent forest fires, reforestation and forest surveillance, signed in 2010 by the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), the Ministry of Agriculture , Rural Development and Fisheries (MADRP), and the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity (MTSS), under Ordinance No. 128/2009 of 30 January, as amended by Ordinance No. 294/ 2010, of May 31st.

The integration of these unemployed people is done through the Municipal Civil Protection Service, with theoretical and practical training.

In the Preventive Forestry phase, the municipality intends to work together with the Sapadores Florestais team, ensuring fixed surveillance at the geodesic landmarks of Vale de Boi and Torre de Aspa (within the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina).

The daily definition of the location of the team is done in conjunction with the Sapadores surveillance sector, creating a Triangulation of Surveillance between the Monteiros Watch Tower, EMIF and the Sapadores Florestais.