United Airlines cancels flights for 2024 on the direct route between Faro and New York

Company postponed start of operation to 2025

United Airlines has canceled all flights for Summer 2024 on the upcoming new direct route between Faro and New York and postponed the start of this air connection until 2025, which was due to start operating on the 24th of May and was generating very positive expectations among businesspeople in the tourism sector.

The reason for this cancellation at such short notice was, according to the North American press, due to an audit that the airline is being subject to by the federal aviation authority, which began "a few days ago" and is related to safety issues detected on United Airlines planes.

A company spokesperson confirmed that this was the reason for postponing the start of operations until Faro, a decision that caused surprise on the other side of the ocean, since there was a strong promotional focus on the airline's part in this new offer, which was seen as one of the most appealing on United Airlines' IATA summer schedule.

However, according to Jornal Barlavento, the airline is already sending messages to those who had booked flights, informing them of their cancellation and the intention to move forward with the route in 2025. In these messages, the airline is open to finding alternative flights, including on TAP , and it is also possible to request a refund.

O Sul Informação He tried to get in touch with André Gomes, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, but this was not possible at the time of publication of this news.


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