ETIC_Algarve Photography Class exhibits «Hell on Earth»

Shows patent until April 26th, at IPDJ in Faro. Free entry

Exhibition setup

“Hell on Earth” is the theme of the exhibition on view until April 26 at the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ) in Faro. The msotra is organized by 2nd year graduates of the ETIC_Algarve Professional Photography course, who thus promote «a profound and revealing photographic journey».

On a profound visual journey, students, guided by trainer José Carlos Carvalho (photojournalist for Visão magazine), invite you to explore the different facets of what can be considered hell on Earth.

«Through 20 photographs, the exhibition reveals the essence of the human condition and the impact of man on the planet», emphasize the organizers.

«More than an exhibition, “Hell on Earth” is not just to be seen, but to be experienced. Through dialogues with artists and moments of reflection, the exhibition invites the public to question human actions and choices, on a journey that promises to be as revealing as it is exciting», they add.

Gessika Costa, one of the participating graduates and producer of the exhibition, shares her vision: «this is an incredible opportunity for us to show our professional side and move from the stage of students to professionals. The exhibition also invites us to delve into the depths of what some would call “Hell on Earth”, confronting us with realities that we often prefer to ignore», unveiling the shadows of human existence.

Trainer José Carlos Carvalho, curator of the exhibition, says that «the freedom to photograph allows these students to show us views without limits in this exhibition. They flew free from predefined ideas and without creative limits. I hope this work remains forever in the memory of these authors».

ETIC_Algarve, for its part, claims to be «pride in this exhibition and in the entrepreneurial capacity of its Professional Photography graduates who committed themselves throughout the entire creation, production and assembly phase and we believe that this is an opportunity for them to showcase their talent, commitment and professionalism”.

The school, located in Faro, also highlights «the participation of graduates from other courses, namely Video, Design and Sound, throughout this process, which materializes the interdisciplinary spirit of these creative areas».

Therefore, ETIC_Algarve invites «to visit the exhibition and reflect on social and existential issues through this art that is Photography».