Secretaries of State are already known – and there are no Algarvians on the list

The inauguration of the Secretaries of State is scheduled for tomorrow

Photo: Miguel Lopes | Lusa

The President of the Republic today accepted the list of 41 Secretaries of State proposed by Prime Minister Luís Montenegro for the XXIV Government – ​​and there are no Algarvians.

According to a note published after 22pm on the Presidency of the Republic's Internet portal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa says that he "received today from the Prime Minister" the proposal from the group of Secretaries of State, which he accepted.

The inauguration of the Secretaries of State is scheduled for tomorrow, at 18 pm, at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, in Lisbon.

The list highlights Manuel Alexandre Homem Cristo, deputy secretary of state and Education, Carlos de Abreu Amorim, current deputy secretary of state and Parliamentary Affairs – who has been a deputy in several PSD legislatures, but was away from the Assembly of the Republic several years ago - and Telmo Côrrea, secretary of state for Internal Administration.

The CDS-PP has two Secretaries of State in the new Government, positions occupied by vice-presidents Telmo Côrrea and Álvaro Castello-Branco, who are joined in the executive by the leader of the CDS-PP, Nuno Melo, who is Minister of National Defense, as Secretaries of State for Internal Administration and Deputy and National Defense, respectively.

The Secretary of State for Tourism will be Pedro Manuel Machado.


The full list: 

Ministry of State and Foreign Affairs 

Secretary of State and European Affairs
Inês Carmelo Rosa Calado Lopes Domingos

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Nuno Ricardo Ribeiro de Carvalho de Azevedo Sampaio

Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities
José de Almeida Cesário

Ministry of State and Finance 

Secretary of State for the Budget
José Maria Gonçalves Pereira Brandão de Brito

Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs
Cláudia Maria dos Reis Duarte Melo de Carvalho

Secretary of State for Treasury and Finance
João Alexandre da Silva Lopes

Secretary of State for Public Administration
Marisa da Luz Bento Garrido Marques Oliveira

Ministry of the Presidency 

Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Paulo José Martins Raposo Lopes Marcelo

Deputy Secretary of State and Presidency
Rui Armindo da Costa Freitas

Ministry of Territorial Cohesion 

Secretary of State for Regional Development
Hélder Manuel Gomes dos Reis

Secretary of State for Local Administration
Hernáni Dias

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs 

Deputy Secretary of State and Parliamentary Affairs
Carlos Eduardo Almeida de Abreu Amorim

Secretary of State for Sport
Pedro Miguel Pereira Dias

Ministry of National Defense 

Deputy Secretary of State and National Defense
Álvaro Castelo Branco

Secretary of State for National Defense
Ana Isabel Xavier

Justice ministry 

Deputy Secretary of State and Justice
Maria José Dias da Mota Magalhães de Barros

Secretary of State for Justice
Maria Clara Figueiredo

Ministry of Internal Administration 

Secretary of State for Internal Administration
Telmo Augusto Janes de Noronha Côrrea

Secretary of State for Civil Protection
Paulo Simões Ribeiro

Ministry of Education, science and innovation 

Deputy Secretary of State and Education
Manuel Alexandre Mateus Homem Cristo

Secretary of State for Education
Pedro Tiago Dantas Machado da Cunha

Secretary of State for Science
Ana Maria Severino de Almeida Paiva

Ministry of Health 

Secretary of State for Health
Ana Margarida Pinheiro Povo

Secretary of State for Health Management
Cristina Alexandra Rodrigues da Cruz Vaz Tomé

Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing

Secretary of State for Infrastructure
Hugo Morato Lettuce do Espírito Santo

Secretary of State for Mobility
Cristina Maria dos Santos Pinto Dias

Secretary of State for Housing
Patrícia Gonçalves Costa de Machado Santos

Ministry of Economy 

Secretary of State for Tourism
Pedro Manuel Monteiro Machado

Secretary of State for Economy
João Rui da Silva Gomes Ferreira

Secretary of State for the Sea
Lydia Bulcão

Ministry of Labor Solidarity Social Security 

Secretary of State for Labor
Adriano Rafael Sousa Moreira

Deputy Secretary of State and Social Security
Jorge Manuel de Almeida Campino

Secretary of State and Social Action and Inclusion
Clara Marques Mendes

Ministry of Environment and Energy 

Secretary of State for the Environment
Emídio Ferreira dos Santos Sousa

Secretary of State for Energy
Maria João Pereira

Ministry of Youth and Modernization

Secretary of State for Equality
Carla da Cruz Mouro

Secretary of State for Modernization and Digitalization
Alberto Manuel Rodrigues da Silva

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Secretary of State for Agriculture
João Manuel Moura Rodrigues

Secretary of State for Fisheries
Cláudia Sofia Gomes Monteiro de Aguiar

Secretary of State for Forests
Rui Miguel Ladeira Pereira

Ministry of Culture 

Secretary of State for Culture
Maria de Lurdes dos Anjos Craveiro



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