PSP arrests man for possession of prohibited weapon and drug trafficking in Baixa de Faro

As part of the “recurrent patrolling” carried out in this area of ​​the city

The PSP yesterday arrested a man for possession of a prohibited weapon and drug trafficking and identified another for stealing a wallet, in Baixa de Faro. 

The actions took place within the scope of the «recurrent patrolling» carried out in this area of ​​the city, «using various means and police skills, with the aim of guaranteeing a feeling of security for all citizens who move there», emphasizes the PSP in a statement .

Thus, yesterday afternoon the PSP was informed of the theft of a wallet in that area, having collected the physical description of the suspect, which was then communicated to all police officers on duty.

The police officers who were patrolling that area located two men, one of them with the characteristics reported.

The PSP later verified that one of them had an extendable baton, which is a prohibited weapon, and also approximately 24 doses of hashish and money suspected of coming from drug trafficking. The articles and substances were seized and led to the man's arrest.

The other suspect, “presumed perpetrator of the wallet theft”, was, according to the PSP, in possession of the stolen wallet – which contained bank cards, money and other documents – items that were seized and handed over to the owner.

In a note, the PSP of Faro highlights the «importance of immediate communication of all criminal incidents, allowing, in time, to be able to take all possible steps to identify the perpetrators and recover the stolen goods, as was the case».