EB 2,3 professor in Montenegro investigated for pornography of minors

To what Sul Informação I found out, the teacher is no longer teaching

A teacher at Escola Básica (EB) 2,3 in Montenegro, in Faro, is being investigated by the Judiciary Police (PJ) for sending sexual messages and photographs to at least one underage student. 

The situation is generating strong opposition among those in charge of education at this school.

A source close to one of the cases told our newspaper that he was aware of these messages at the beginning of the year, and immediately filed a complaint, both with the management of the Montenegro School Group, and with the Judiciary Police (at the end of January).

Contacted by Sul Informação, the PJ confirmed, moreover, the «existence of an investigation into a possible crime of pornography of minors (conversations on social networks with sexual content)», adding that the investigation is «under investigation».

Our newspaper confirmed that the conversations, held on Instagram, included both sexual messages and pornographic photographs – including of the teacher himself – sent to the student.

This is a Portuguese and English teacher, from the 2nd cycle, who, according to what Sul Informação learned from a source close to the case, he is no longer teaching, despite still having reported for duty when school resumed, after the Easter holidays.

The teacher's departure – albeit temporary – has already been communicated to those in charge of education, although no justification has been given, not even to the Parents' Association, according to the same source.

O Sul Informação David Costa, director of the Montenegro School Group, also questioned about this case.

The person in charge simply responded that “school matters are handled internally” and that whoever “should be informed” about the situation is “being informed”.


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