Portimão is looking for IT technicians to support polling stations on election day

Remuneration is 177,45 euros for two days

Portimão City Council intends to hire 65 IT support technicians for two days, to support the use of IT equipment at polling stations, in the next elections for the European Parliament, scheduled for June 9th.

In this electoral act, dematerialized electoral rolls will be “used for the first time in all assemblies and voting sections, which will be available on exclusive access computer equipment”.

«Due to this change, the Municipality of Portimão needs 65 IT support technicians to be present, on the date of the election, at the polling stations in each of the assemblies and sections, in order to support the use of IT equipment , in the event of occasional system unavailability or access difficulties», according to Portimão City Council.

To carry out the task, «it will be necessary to attend a one-day training course, lasting six hours, at the Portimão facilities of the Employment and Professional Training Institute».

Citizens at least 18 years old can apply for these vacancies, preferably residents of Portimão, with the 12th year of schooling or higher education and knowledge of computing from the user's perspective, «with training in technological areas being privileged».

«The process will have a general test at polling stations, scheduled for June 1st, which will take place as follows: in the morning, technicians will provide training to polling station members on the use of dematerialized electoral registers; In the afternoon, tests will be carried out with the panel members», adds the Portimão Chamber.

Each IT support technician will receive compensation in the total amount of 177,45 euros, exempt from taxation, the amount resulting from the three days of intervention, namely: the day of the respective training; training day that will be provided to panel and test members (June 1st); election day and support at the table (June 9).

Registration can be made up until May 3rd, inclusive, using the form available here.

Additional information must be requested by calling 282 470 762 / 282 470 755, or emailing [email protected] and [email protected].