Portimão hosts the Maritime Authority’s exercise to combat pollution

This exercise will be based on the simulation of a collision between two merchant ships

Portimão will host another edition of the exercise to combat pollution in the marine environment “ATLANTIC POLEX.PT 2024”, organized by the Directorate for Combating Sea Pollution of the National Maritime Authority (AMN), between Wednesday and Friday, from the 17th to April 19th. 

This exercise will be based on the simulation of a collision between two merchant ships, off the port of Portimão, causing a fire, a rupture in the hull with a fuel oil spill and, also, an injured person on board and a shipwreck.

«The collision results in a spill that disperses into two large patches of pollution that flow towards the entrance to the port, adjacent beaches and areas essential to the local economy, such as fishing grounds and various tourist activities. One of the pollution spots will reach the port of Portimão, affecting the river beach, the marina and the fauna and flora of the Arade river«, explains AMN.

In addition to training in various procedures, the exercise aims to “consolidate the integration of the National Maritime Authority's means of combating pollution with the Portuguese Navy, the Portuguese Air Force and other national, as well as international means, with the means of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the partners of the Lisbon Agreement (France, Spain and Morocco)».

The first phase of the exercise will take place on April 18th, with a seminar on the theme “Preservation of the marine environment”, which will address issues related to pollution of the marine environment and where the exercise to combat marine pollution will also be presented. sea.

The seminar is open to the public and takes place at 14:30 pm, at the Portimão Museum (REGISTRATION HERE). It can also be watched through the National Maritime Authority's social networks.

On the second day of the exercise, April 19th, several actions will be carried out to combat sea pollution in Portimão, resulting from the simulation of the maritime pollution incident, and different means will be used, in different scenarios, on land and at sea. .

In a note, the Maritime Authority highlights that “ATLANTIC POLEX.PT” «is an annual exercise to respond to pollution incidents in the marine environment, which aims to test the national contingency plan against pollution incidents in the different types of scenarios likely to occur an incident: at sea (offshore), in the port, in marinas and on the beach».