Portimão New Bridge closed due to accident that caused one death

The accident occurred at 9 am and the road remains closed

Accident on the EN125, in the Ponte Nova do Arade area, between Lagoa and Portimão – Photo: Sul Informação

A collision between two light vehicles and a heavy vehicle resulted in one fatality and two minor injuries and forced the Ponte Nova de Portimão to be closed, on the morning of Tuesday, April 2nd. 

In statements to the Sul Informação, A source from the Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command reveals that the fatal victim is a 58-year-old woman, while the slightly injured are two men, aged 75 and 55, who were transported to Portimão Hospital.

The accident occurred at 9 am and the road remains closed.

There are 21 operators supported by 9 vehicles on site.


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