Olhão: Maios returns EN125 on Labor Day and everyone is invited to participate

Organization of the exhibition gives tips on how

The Maios will adorn Estrada Nacional 125, between the towns of Marim and Alfandanga, in the municipality of Olhão, and everyone is invited to create their own life-size doll, to celebrate May 1st.

The Maios exhibition next to the EN125, on Labor Day, celebrates its 2024th anniversary in 40, which led Futebol Clube de Bias, which organizes this initiative, to invite “everyone who wants to participate – residents, institutions and associations of the municipality – to create a May and exhibit it between Marim and Alfandanga, on the 1st of May, with the purpose of valuing and publicizing this heritage of popular origin», according to the Chamber of Olhão, which supports the event.

«The Maios are dolls that represent people, in life size, dresses and shoes. In the EN125 exhibition, they are placed standing, lying down or sitting, isolated or in groups. They stage an everyday activity, which may be related to professional, leisure or personal activities», describes the municipality.

The Maios tradition “goes back to ancestral times. Ancient literature reveals that it was a celebration of Spring, marking the end of Winter and the beginning of a new agricultural year.

«On the first day of that month, Maio was placed at the door of the house, on the terrace or on the roof with the aim of playing pranks and causing laughter. As time passed, this popular manifestation was lost. In the 80s the tradition was revitalized with the founding of Futebol Clube de Bias».

The traditional Maios exhibition is an event organized by Futebol Clube de Bias, which has the support of the Municipality of Olhão and the municipality's parish councils.


Suggestions for building a life-size Maio:

· What is the message you want to convey with Maio?
· Materials for filling and support structure: rags, old clothes, straw, sponges, plastic bags or crumpled newspapers. It is convenient that Maio can be seated in a chair or placed on a rigid structure in order to remain standing or sitting;
· How to wear Maio: used clothes and shoes and accessories: necklaces, scarves, hats, gloves, flowers, ties or bags;
· Poster with a rhyme, written by hand or computer, dedicated to the theme of each May, such as professional, leisure or personal activities;
· Assigning a name to Maio; identification of the author, institution and/or association;
· Care is taken to ensure that all ornaments/objects used in the construction of Maio are properly secured.



How do I participate?

To participate, simply build your May according to the suggestions given above.

On May 1st, the Labor Day holiday, until 9:00 am, each person responsible for May must place their doll next to the EN125, between Marim and Alfandanga, in a place that does not disturb road safety and has visibility. From that time on, a representative of the Associação Futebol Clube de Bias numbers the Maios.

At around 15pm, the jury members meet to award points to the Maios on display and choose the winners of each category.


What categories exist?

Free theme, Schools, individual work, children's work (Small Mays) and group work.


Other characteristics of Maios:

Autonomy of each May or group of Mays;
Diversity in theme;
Plastic diversity;
Intention to trigger surprise or provocation;
Intention to convey a message (in the field of criticism, social, political or social satire, or simply dissemination of local habits and customs, a message transmitted by the plastic representation itself and accentuated by written texts, almost always in verse).