The world on the way to the abyss

How many generations will it take for awareness to be complete?

Alarmist words are what many will certainly say when reading the title of this article, but it is because of soft words and warm fuzzies that the planet's situation is deteriorating. And it’s no longer month by month – it’s day by day.

Some social media reports on things that are happening in different parts of the world, but most of the media wants to know about other news that makes a sensation, generates profits and more audiences.

Journalism in Portugal must also be rethought.

Let us know that the ice in the Arctic and Greenland is melting at an accelerated rate and that the same is happening in Antarctica, it is very far away...

The level of the Oceans “seems” to be rising a few (…) centimeters, there are some distant island countries in the Pacific and Indian Ocean that are already moving some populations to high places further away from the beaches,

Let us know that if we continue to record the hottest atmospheric temperatures ever recorded, in several European or South American countries; Extreme phenomena, whether massive floods or prolonged and lethal droughts, occur throughout the world.

Populations of many thousands of people die and suffer from starvation due to lack of nutrients, especially in Africa. They are human beings…

Some time ago, mercury was found in the breast milk of women in the interior of Angola…

The shearwater is a friendly pelagic bird that has its largest colony on the Selvagens Islands of the Madeira Archipelago and only comes to land to nest, spending most of its life on the high seas; Last week, a scientific study was released indicating that plastics were found in the stomachs of many chicks that die in the nest. Not just microplastics, but various objects that the cubs swallowed. Now the food is brought by the parents and harvested on the high seas – to what extent is the pollution of the oceans reaching for occurrences like these to occur?!

There will continue to be productivists and denialists, but the most serious thing is the indifference of the majority of the populations of our countries, who ignore these issues.

How many generations will it take for awareness to become complete and, because of it, Governments are even forced to govern SERIOUSLY?!


Author Fernando Santos Pessoa is a landscape architect and forestry engineer…and he writes with the spelling he learned at school



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