“Let’s Clean Land and Sea” initiative collected 360 kilos of waste in Albufeira

In an initiative that brought together 110 participants

A class from EB1 in Vale Pedras, students from Escola de Infantes, Cadets from the Volunteer Firefighters of Albufeira, scouts from Grouping 714 in Albufeira, certified divers and other partners and volunteers from the Municipality participated, on the 13th of April, in the “Let's Go” initiative. Clean Land and Sea”, which collected 360 kilos of waste.

«Environmental quality and sustainability are the main concerns of the Municipality of Albufeira, which invests heavily in sanitation infrastructure and environmental education in the community, starting in the early years of school benches», highlighted José Carlos Rolo, president of the Chamber of Albufeira.

In a note, the municipality highlights that, in addition to the environmental education actions carried out regularly within the scope of the Blue Flag, every year the Municipality brings together a wide range of partners to participate in the Underwater and Land Cleaning action entitled “Let's clean Land and Sea” .

This year, the initiative took place in the Albufeira Marina area, involving 110 participants.

The Land Cleaning saw the involvement of 90 participants, with emphasis on the presence of several students, while 20 certified divers participated in the underwater cleaning.

With the purpose of «improving the dynamics of the event», this year a tent was placed in the Marina area, which allowed the projection, inside, of several environmental awareness videos.

José Carlos Rolo highlights that pollution is one of the main threats to the oceans. «More than 80 percent of the pollution that reaches the oceans originates on land, being caused by human action. Urban, industrial, plastic, petroleum, chemical waste and sewage, fishing nets and artifacts and other waste present in rivers and sea water are extremely harmful to marine biodiversity, affecting the maintenance of ocean ecosystems and can reach our homes through food chains”.

The president of Albufeira also emphasizes that «it is urgent to reverse this situation, hence the importance of promoting information and awareness-raising actions in the community, appealing to their civic sense».

«This is the common home of Humanity and if we do not take urgent measures, we have no other».