Man suspected of murdering another in Portimão detained by PSP

The victim was transported to the hospital, but ended up dying.

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A man suspected of having murdered another during a fight, using a sharp weapon, was arrested by the PSP at the scene of the crime, in Portimão, yesterday, April 4th, at around 20:40 pm.

The PSP was alerted to attacks between two men, which involved a sharp weapon, and found, upon arriving at the scene, the victim lying on the floor and receiving assistance.

«The suspect was still at the scene and it was possible to gather strong evidence that he had just committed that crime, having been arrested and the bladed weapon seized», he describes.

The victim was transported to Portimão Hospital, where he later died.

This occurrence was reported to the Judiciary Police, “which went to the scene of the crime and is responsible for the investigation and subsequent measures”.