Government today begins negotiations with teachers on recovery of service time

Fernando Alexandre receives today 10 union structures representing teachers

The new team from the Ministry of Education begins meetings with teachers' unions today to discuss the recovery of service time frozen during the time of the 'troika' (2011-2014), a demand that has motivated protests and strikes in recent years.

The Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Fernando Alexandre receives today 10 union structures representing teachers, this being the first negotiating meeting of the new team.

Last week, the minister reaffirmed the commitment made before the March 10 elections, promising to return service time over five years, that is, annually accounting for 20% of the six years, six months and 23 days frozen during the period of 'troika'.

In response, the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) has already rejected the guardianship proposal, demanding a faster recovery, carried out in just three years (33% per year) and with guarantees that at the end of the process all teachers will have recovered their nine years, four months and two days – the total time their career was frozen – regardless of whether they were active or retired.

In his first intervention in parliament, the minister considered it “urgent to find a response to the just demands of teachers”, stressing that the instability experienced in schools “must be overcome quickly”.

The first meeting with the union organizations will begin the negotiation of one of the teachers' main demands.

In addition to the minister, the Deputy Secretary of State for Education, Alexandre Homem Cristo, the Secretary of State for Administration and Educational Innovation, Pedro Dantas da Cunha, and the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Marisa Garrido, will also be present at the meetings.

This morning, ASPL – Association of Graduate Teachers, FENEI – National Federation of Education and Research, FEPECI – Portuguese Federation of Education, Teaching, Culture and Research Professionals, Pró-Ordem dos Professores and SEPLEU – Union of Licensed Educators and Teachers.

The afternoon meetings will be with SIPE – Independent Union of Teachers and Educators, SIPPEB – Union of Educators and Basic Education Teachers, SNPL – National Union of Licensed Teachers, SPLIU – National Union of Licensed Teachers by Polytechnics and Universities and o STOP – Union of All Teachers.

On Friday, it will be the ministry team's turn to welcome the National Education Federation and Fenprof.

Fenprof will take advantage of the meeting to deliver a negotiation protocol with other proposals related, for example, to the end of vacancies for access to the 5th and 7th levels, incentives for the retention of teachers and the deduction of IRS expenses .