Photojournalist Marques Valentim exhibits his “Memories of April” in Portimão

from thursday

Portimão will share the “Memories of April” by photojournalist Marques Valentim, in a photographic exhibition that will open on Thursday, April 18th, at 18pm, at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, and which can be seen until May 00st.

This exhibition, as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portimão, «marks the return of the renowned photojournalist to the city, after the exhibition “And after Goodbye – Photographs with History”, which in 2023 was on display at the Museu de Portimão, one of the Municipality's first initiatives relating to programming for half a century in democracy», according to the Portimão Chamber.

With “Memórias de Abril”, «Marques Valentim once again presents many of the never-before-seen images he captured during his professional career, which can be seen in an emblematic cultural facility in Portimão, such as Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes».

In addition to the Capitães de Abril, where Salgueiro Maia stands out as one of the faces of Freedom Day, the set on display is made up of several photographs of the main political leaders, as well as all the Presidents of the Republic and prime ministers who led the destinies of the country since the 25th of April and throughout these five decades.

«Not limited to the interior of Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, the exhibition also includes ten images placed on the exterior facade of the building, printed on large 'screens' and illuminated at night, which aim to draw the attention of those passing through this area of ​​the city. city ​​to the importance of this period in Portuguese history», explains the municipality.

Born in Cascais in 1949, Marques Valentim completed the Photography and Cinema course at the Army Cartographic Services, in Lisbon. He later completed mandatory military service as a photo-cine militia furriel in Mozambique.

He began his career in photojournalism after April 25, 1974, with work for the European Press Agency and for the daily “A Luta”, where he remained until the publication ended in 1979. He was part of the team that launched “ Correio da Manhã”, having later joined “Portugal Hoje”, where he remained until 1982, the year that marked the end of this morning newspaper. In 2001, he received an honorable mention awarded by “Visão” magazine and related to the prestigious photojournalism competition promoted by this weekly publication.

The “Memories of April” exhibition is free to enter.