Sunplugged Festival celebrates sunlight in Faro and in cities in Sweden and Italy

Tó Quintas is the Algarve artist invited to be inspired by the sun and create pieces of art

Sunlight will inspire “artists and citizens to think about the future” in Faro, Bari (Italy) and Ystad (Sweden) at the first transnational Sunplugged festival, an initiative co-organized by Associação ArQuente, which will officially open in the Algarve capital on June 21st.

Sunplugged «is a transnational art festival dedicated to sunlight», which «invites artists and citizens to reinterpret ancient and contemporary relationships between people and the sun and embodies new sustainable solar rituals. The idea is that through art we can think of new ways to promote more ecological lifestyles, which contribute to Europe's energy transition».

In addition to ArQuente, based in Faro, the event is co-organized by Transversal Project, from Sweden, and Basso Profilo, in Italy.

The three cultural entities came together «to think and bring the project to life» and one of the first steps they took was to choose «local artists to create the works of art that will be part of the festival», according to ArQuente.

Em Faro, the challenge was launched «to the multifaceted Tó Quintas, known, above all, for his iron sculptures, but also for his work as a set designer».

He is joined by visual artist Kah Bee Chow, who divides her life between Malaysia and Sweden, and the Italian theater company TeatrIngestAzione, whose creation method involves involving the communities of the places it visits.

«To create their works, artists will have to know the intangible and tangible solar heritage of each of the cities that will serve as inspiration. The project therefore includes Mapping Weeks in Faro, Ystad and Bari», according to ArQuente.

In the Algarve capital, Mapping Week takes place between the 13th and 19th of April and includes «a guided visit to some of the most iconic terraces in the city center, a boat visit to Ilha da Culatra, through which the artists will get to know the richness of the Ria Formosa, and several conversations with experts and the local community».

In turn, each artist will promote a workshop, open to the community, to showcase their work.

Em Faro, the Sunplugged Festival will officially open on June 21st, as part of the Summer Solstice Celebrations, an initiative organized by the Municipality of Faro, which together with the European Union is co-financing the project.

On that day, «in addition to the public being able to appreciate the works of art designed, they can also participate in a conversation entitled “Sunplugged – Art&Science”, «which will bring together the artists involved in the project and experts from various areas. The central theme will be sustainability, having, of course, the Sun as its starting point. The event, with free entry, takes place at Fábrica da Cerveja, in the historic center of Faro».

In Ystad the Festival is scheduled for the beginning of July and in Bari for the end of September.

The project also includes design competitions in all cities involved and a transnational conference, which takes place in Faro, in early 2025.

Co-financed by the European Union, through the Creative Europe Programme, and by the Municipality of Faro, Sunplugged also has a partnership with the Higher School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve and the Municipal Museum of Faro. As communication partners, we have the Sul Informação and RUA FM.

The organization also highlights the support of JAT- Janela Aberta Teatro, Clube Farense and Amarelarte, cultural entities that collaborate with ArQuente in carrying out the workshops integrated in the project.


Workshops open to the community:

“Build your Lantern” – directed by Tó Quintas
Sunday, April 14th, at 17pm, at Galeria Arco
(intended for families – crowded)

“Brilliant Rebellion” – directed by TeatrIngestAzione
Tuesday, April 16th, at 18pm, at Clube Farense
(there are still vacancies)

“The Magic of Sunprint/Cyanotype!” – directed by Kah Bee Chow
Thursday, April 18th, at 11:30 am, in room 40 of ESEC, Campus da Penha
(there are still vacancies)