Arrested suspected of killing owner of Berlin ball factory in Albufeira

Crime took place in September 2019

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

A 40-year-old man suspect of having killed the owner of a Berlin ball factory, in Albufeira, in September 2019, was arrested «for strong evidence of committing a crime of qualified homicide and omission of assistance» and will await trial in preventive detention, after being present for interrogation on Friday, the 12th, revealed the Public Ministry (MP) .

According to the MP, the alleged killer went to the factory with the intention of stealing any money he found.

«At the scene, when faced with the factory owner, the detainee attacked him in the face and neck area, punching him and using a knife. Subsequently, he tied and gagged the businessman with tape, thus preventing him from breathing, causing his death, he describes.

The detainee fled the crime scene taking around 16 thousand euros with him.

The investigation is led by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Albufeira, with the help of the Judiciary Police.