Deputy Ofélia Ramos chairs the Parliamentary Commission on Transparency and Statute of Deputies

Ofélia Ramos takes office this Thursday, April 18th

Ofélia Ramos, Algarve deputy from the PSD, will preside over the Parliamentary Commission for Transparency and Statute of Deputies (CTED), succeeding in the position the socialist deputy Alexandra Leitão who has now assumed the leadership of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party.

PSD deputy Ofélia Ramos is the first Algarve woman to assume the presidency of a parliamentary committee. This position was held by Algarve PSD deputies only twice, with Macário Correia on the Parliamentary Health Committee and with Mendes Bota on the Parliamentary Committee for Ethics, Citizenship and Communication.

At the beginning of legislatures, the presidencies of parliamentary committees are generally distributed among the various parliamentary groups in proportion to the number of their deputies. In this legislature, the PSD has six presidencies, the PS has five and Chega has three, of the 14 permanent parliamentary committees.

Ofélia Ramos takes office this Thursday, April 18th, as president of the 14th Parliamentary Commission on Transparency and Statute of Deputies, in a session chaired by the vice-president of the Assembly of the Republic.

According to Ofélia Ramos, «CTED plays a fundamental role in reinforcing the quality of our democracy, as it is an autonomous committee in relation to other permanent parliamentary committees, whose powers and duties result directly from the law, which aim to guarantee a legal framework of effective transparency in the exercise of parliamentary mandates».

"Transparency and integrity in the exercise of political activity and high public positions must be established as common values ​​fundamental to strengthening citizens' trust in democratic institutions", he adds.

The Algarve deputy, in addition to being president of the 14th Parliamentary Committee, will also join the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees as well as the Committee on Labour, Social Security and Inclusion.

Ofélia Ramos has a degree in Law and a master's degree in Administrative Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. She was a Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic in the XIV and XV Legislatures.

In previous legislatures, she was vice-coordinator of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, vice-president of the Occasional Committee for monitoring the implementation of response measures to the COVID-19 disease pandemic and the process of economic and social recovery ; deputy coordinator of the Labor, Social Security and Inclusion Committee, member of the Subcommittee for Social Reintegration and Prison Affairs and member of the Health, Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning and Public Administration, Administrative Modernization, Decentralization and Local Power Committees .

She held the position of director of the Department of Legal Affairs and Inspection at the Chamber of Faro, director of Social Security at the District Center of Faro of the Social Security Institute, member of the Board of Directors of the Hospital District of Faro and regional delegate of the Portuguese Youth Institute.